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What I've been up to.

2013-03-29 23:51:46 by AustinBreed

I was sick of seeing the super long game jam post so I'm replacing it with this.

I've been taking a break from games. Currently I'm working on a cartoon, but it's taking a backseat to finishing college.

I played with Stencyl a lot last Summer- I had four games I left unfinished for one reason or another. One of them was a spiritual sequel to Mother in Festerwood about a father who teaches his daughter how to hunt. Another one was a foosball simulation with over the top things like wizards and table shaking mechanics, and I had a tribute to one of my favorite NES games, Gradius. When you work alone it's hard to stay motivated. Also, Stencyl is easy to use but it has some major problems that make it a drag. I'd like to use Construct 2 but they haven't supported mac users yet. Actionscript is still probably the easiest to use for me.

I'm always interested in working with new people. If anyone wants to work on something with me shoot me an email (austinbreed at gmail). Also, my cartoon is about a coffee shop that is set in a town called Craterville where everyone is a mean mutant.

What I've been up to.


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2013-03-30 00:32:24

Working alone can burn you out, as well as dampen your enthusiasm for finishing a project.
Newgrounds is nothing more than a... support group, so no one has to feel like they're going it alone. Best wishes on an impressive degree!


2013-03-30 05:16:06

Stencyl 3.0 is coming out soon and will hopefully solve some of those problems!

I'm tinkering with doing a game everyone could play at the office on Pico Day IF we have an office party, which I still haven't officially decided. Any chance you could make it if we did?

AustinBreed responds:

I've always REALLY wanted to, and I think I probably would if there was one this year.


2013-03-30 14:35:56

Hey, it's great to hear from you again. "What's Austin Breed been up to" has honestly been a question on my mind from time to time.

I used to use Stencyl quite a bit but got annoyed with how limiting it was, if you wanted to make anything non-traditional or experimental. Construct 2 is alright, it's sort of like a better Games Factory. I still think nothing beats real code, especially if you use a framework like Flixel or FlashPunk or even write your own.


2013-03-31 03:38:20

Come to think of it, I don't know why I haven't added myself among your fans here on NG yet.
I always dig your offbeat style and retro animation games. Reminds me of the quirky games I used to play on my old PC from yesteryear.
Anyway, consider me another one of your fans now.
Oh, and GET TO WORK!


2013-06-10 13:05:52

You actually missed this year's Pico Day, but planning to do it again next year. I never got very far with the massively multiplayer office game.