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Kickstarter: 26 Games 26 Weeks

2012-01-11 16:29:13 by AustinBreed

I'd like to plug an interesting potential project that needs some funding via Kickstarter. It's called 26 Games 26 Weeks.

Fellow Newgrounder (and fellow Austin) Austin Henley is wanting to create a web community that works together to design games that he will ultimately build. You can read all about it here. He plans on working with the community to develop a game a week for 6 months.

Kickstarter: 26 Games 26 Weeks


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2012-01-11 18:44:19

I think he should just make one game in 6 months, I think it'd be a lot better.

AustinBreed responds:

yeah, for the rest of his life!


2012-01-11 21:40:57

Yeah...I agree with the smelly one.


2012-01-12 06:15:29

I have thought about doing something similiar, but it would need to be done like, the games are developed for a not set amount of time and then released, once all are done, weekly.


2012-01-13 16:37:41

happy birthday trippingmetal


2012-01-18 02:33:02

you suck mister breed


2012-04-18 15:47:20

AustinBreed= Choad Master


2012-04-27 21:55:37

I can't help but notice the code in the background of that picture is using the Flixel framework. Take the easy way would would ya!


2012-05-12 15:36:55

ur lame oollol