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Game Jam 6 Winners

2011-12-13 15:09:08 by AustinBreed

Play all the games here.

The Newgrounds Game Jam 6 occurred from Thursday, December 1st, to that Sunday night. Over the course of those four days, randomly placed teams were made to create a game based on the theme hallucinations.

I've brought in two guest judges (and myself) to help select the winners of this jam:

Christer "Breakdance McFunkypants" Kaitila
Game developer and author of Adobe Flash 11 Stage3D (Molehill) Game Programming. He is a frequent contributor to the renown Ludum Dare weekend game development competition, and is currently a writing a book over game jams called the Game Jam Survival Guide. He will be helping to cover the game design and scripting aspects of the games.

Robert Bryce Milburn
Bryce is a Unit Stills Photographer from Atlanta, Georgia. He has been a long-time contributor to Newgrounds, and in the past he has helped to judge Best Animation in the Newgrounds Awards. He is currently working on a Newgrounds photobook called Photogrounds. He will be helping to judge the graphical design of the games.

And I will be covering game concepts and interpretation of the theme. Let's go!


Love's Cadence
by RedHarvest, 4urentertainment, Intero and MihaP
Judges gave it: 4.33 / 5.00

A really beautiful composition. The main character is wonderfully constructed and animated. The world is lush and pretty. I got stuck a couple times and had to reload the page (eg. you can grow a plant that blocks you in a corner), and the movement seems a bit sluggish, but overall, a great effort! Very impressive for a mere 72 hours! 4/5

Robert Bryce Milburn
The menu / font is well done. Love the feel of it. The character and level design is very stylized. Fun game! 4/5

Austin Breed
The atmosphere was my favorite part, it was very well done for a weekend game. The two puzzles were a little nonsensical, and probably could have been further manipulated to foreshadow the ending. Other than that, I liked it! Also, the music was pretty great, props to Intero. 5/5


Trippin Kitchen
by Mattster, Mindchamber, Rampant Musik and redminus
Judges gave it: 3.33 / 5.00

The granny is fantastic. She looks really funny. The gameplay, although a bit repetitive and simplistic, is right on the money. The game could use some speeding up - in particular the intro video seems to go on too long, but overall, a really fantastic job. Well done! 3/5

Robert Bryce Milburn
The animation and style is very cute and fun. Good coloring and line work. Top notch. 4/5

Austin Breed
Although it was funny, I feel like this team took a shortcut when given such a broad theme: a tower defense game with characters that are a hallucination. It played really nice and it looked great, though! 3/5


Devlish Differences
by Ab9003, Captain-Carrion, Jonas and RealFaction
Judges gave it: 3.00 / 5.00

A very polished and playable entry. Everything in it seems near-perfect. To make this great game even more great, I would eliminate the use of the N word in the intro - I get that you're going for a 'period' look, but since it isn't funny you could make it just as good by replacing it with the words "- a servant!" or something. You just can't use that kind of word in this day and age. That said, the art is fabulous and it was fun to play. Keep up the awesome work! 4/5

Robert Bryce Milburn
The character design was decent but the overall design and layout was a little weak. 3/5

Austin Breed
I wasn't a huge fan of the art or the gameplay. However, it was a pretty unique interpretation of the theme. 2/5


by Wallross, Cope2k, Kirbyfemur and MarkP0rter
Judges gave it: 2.33 / 5.00

Haunting. Sad. Original. Great sounds. Wonderful art! The movement was frustrating, but the concept was interesting. Overall, a great job, especially considering how little time you had. I'm impressed! 3/5

Robert Bryce Milburn
The nazi level is well done but the "trippy level" after hitting the space bar looks like it was produced in 5 minutes. The graphics are decent and the font choice could have been more stylized. The character design of the character is a little generic but works. I like the main character and some of the other characters (enemies,etc..) but a few are lacking in creativity. 2/5

Austin Breed
If Team Nietzsche had found a better way to reflect on the main idea of this game in terms of gameplay, it would have been a huge success from my perspective. Escapism in harsh conditions is a great concept for a game, and an especially interesting interpretation of the hallucination theme. However, this concept must have been very hard to interpret into a game, and due to the time constraints we are left with a good idea tied to a sloppy product. To effectively make this game, this team would have had to think outside the box of traditional platformers and create something more innovative. I have no clue how I would have made this game, but there is a very good movie that explores extreme escapism in a similar condition with fantastic results. 2/5


I am Cube
by revolverroach, BlackMist75, IaMI2002 and SkyRiderX
Judges gave it: 2.33 / 5.00

Nice psychedelic art. I really like the gumbi-like stick figures. The animations are great too. The sound seemed a bit lacking, but overall this is a pretty amazing game for such a short amount of time to make it in. With a little more depth and polish this would be pretty fantastic. 3/5

Robert Bryce Milburn
Not bad. I enjoyed the colorful and simple design of this game. The style itself seems a bid copied. Seems like a combination of several other popular artists on Newgrounds in one game. The artist just needs to find his own style. 3/5

Austin Breed
I wasn't a fan of all the distracting colors on screen, but other than that this game looks pretty nice. The concept was pretty nonsensical, just hallucinating during class without any reason. Thank you for a quality button. 1/5


by 3D-xelu and Archawn
Judges gave it: 3.00 / 5.00

Nice looking limbo art, lovely smooth animations, cool fild grain. I wish I could move faster. I really like your "sight" concept. Like echo-location. Awesome!
I got an actionscript error:

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at flash.display::DisplayObject/_hitTest ()
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at Game/update()

Aside from some polish and playtesting issues, this is a great-looking start for a game that could evolve into something really cool. Keep up the great work. 4/5

Robert Bryce Milburn
The feel and style was great. I loved the dark creepy feel it gave. 3/5

Austin Breed
Great work from a two-person team! I'll save them from the Limbo and Game Jam thread drama and just say that the game looked really nice, especially for a weekend game. I could barely run it on my computer and many of the challenges were difficult to maneuver around or understand, even when the frame rate was running steady. But based on concept alone, the interpretation of the theme was interesting and made for an inviting horror atmosphere, however I don't think very much of the experience was rememberable- except for those few parts where the glowy mimic performed some scare tactics. Also, the ambiance was very appropriate.2/5


This Game Makes Sense
by Manly-Chicken, Adidaas, bakeroflongo and ReNaeNae
Judges gave it: 2.33 / 5.00

Funny, original art. Super-trippy nyanolicious double zombie rainbow funk spectacular. Mega hard... but also mega hardcore. Too damn hard for an old guy like me... but somehow the difficulty is forgivable because the art makes you not take it too seriously. Awesome work. 5/5

Robert Bryce Milburn
The font was decent. The design work was weak. 1/5

Austin Breed
This Game Makes Sense has two dimensions: a basic run and jump platformer with design that ranges from frustrating to flat-out unimaginative and tripped-out level design that is partially randomly generated, with a variety of strange characters and backgrounds. If only the player could interact with these very interesting characters and backgrounds, this game would be great! Unfortunately, I find myself disappointingly running past these objects towards a door. The hallucination theme is expressed in some ways by objects that perform differently from how they are perceived (the spiked boxes and the rainbow cubes). The whole package, however, reflects on a team that purely just wanted to have fun with the project, and didn't take themselves too seriously in terms of concept. 1/5


~Strange Thoughts~
by TharosTheDragon, Rutger, FlashStorm and XsakuX
Judges gave it: 2.33 / 5.00

Simple. Great art! Trippy. Cute. A little bit sluggish. Overall, a very respectable game jam entry. My socks weren't knocked off, but you should still be proud to have finished anything at all in a mere 72 hours. Good job. 4/5

Robert Bryce Milburn
I really enjoyed the artwork by Rutger. The artist Storm needs to clean up / work on their linework more. Some of Storm's character seem as though they were thrown together quickly. I dont think the styles of these four artists mesh well together. The clean cut style of the backgrounds didn't really work well with Storm's style. 2/5

Austin Breed
I wasn't able to actually get very far while playing the game, I wish it was easier to control the character. I did play the the demo in the BBS thread, and the progression of the hallucination was really funny! It's too bad that most players won't be able to get that far. Overall, I feel like the game could have gone to greater lengths to tie the hallucinating with the gameplay. 1/5


Jesus is a Quadriplegic
by pillowsurfermikko and blaker2000
Judges gave it: 2.33 / 5.00

Really excellent sprites. Simple, but still pretty fun. Nice music, but we need some gore sounds! I loke the ultra violent projectiles and blood. Violent, angry fun. Good job! 3/5

Robert Bryce Milburn
Not bad. The characters are fun. The style is very similar to Dan Paladin's and Edmund McMillen's art. Not sure if they meet to mock their style for the sake of Newgrounds or if their style is just similar. 3/5

Austin Breed
This game is very silly and looks like a loose parody of the Binding of Isaac. I'm not sure why there is Dan Paladin artwork in the background, this game is very nonsensical and has very wobbly conceptional ties to the jam's theme. However, the submission's description describes this refugee team as "light-hearted" and encourage the player not to take the game too seriously.1/5


They're Chasing Me
by c0rupt3d, dj-Jo, and Xionico
Judges gave it: 3.0 / 5.00

I really like the intro and character art. I wish I didn't have to use the mouse AND keyboard together. Trip mode was a cool effect. The animations are cool. Overall, a very amazing job for a game made with a missing teammate. Well done! 4/5

Robert Bryce Milburn
The menu is fun. Colorful and creative. The game isnt bad, I just wish the animation style wasn't such a rip-off of Buzzwerd. Those kids need to find their own style. 3/5

Austin Breed
Apparently the programmer of this team dropped out when the Game Jam began, so the rest of the members were forced to bite the bullet and finish the game with the minimal scripting knowledge that they had. The final product is pretty solid considering the challenge they had. The art in this game seemed to be greatly influenced by illustrator Kevin Barrios; I wouldn't be surprised if the artists had lifted all the characters and designs directly from his work. Aside from that, this is a great accomplishment for the game's unfortunate circumstances. However, I don't feel like this interpretation of the Jam's theme was anything I haven't already played before. 2/5


So after playing all the games in the Newgrounds Game Jam 6, Christer, Bryce and I thought Love's Cadence was the best game. Congratulations!

If you are reading this newspost as a participate of the Game Jam, I urge you not to take many of these reviews to heart. It was extremely impressive that any of you created a finished game over the course of four days, and out of over twenty teams of four randomly placed members (with plenty of unforeseen complications, member dropouts, school finals, ect.), you were the ten who took the challenge and made a product. Great job!


Kurt Luther and his research group from Georgia Tech introduced a tool to assist collaboration called Pipeline. To promote beta testing for Pipeline, they agreed to give away $100 each to the three teams with the best games made using Pipeline! They announced the winners yesterday in this post. They were as follows:

1st place: Team KAFKA, with Love's Cadence (3.61)
2nd place: Team HEIDEGGER, with Trippin Kitchen (3.53)
3rd place: Team NIETZSCHE, with Devlish Differences (3.50)

Awesome! Pipeline is still looking for feedback, so check out that announcement link to help out. I haven't personally gotten the chance to use Pipeline yet, but I'm looking forward to using it in future projects!


Also, bcdefg123 took the time to review all the games in this competition, check it out!

Happy hallucinating!

Game Jam 6 Winners


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2011-12-13 15:46:55

My team made one out of two games that got a 5/5 from someone.
The main reason I'm proud of my game, is that I managed to get a rather solid platformer engine working in about 2 days.

Congrats to the winners, even if you didn't like it Austin.

AustinBreed responds:

I like all the games! I try to remain objective when I talk about games, I personally think that this jam had one of the higher quality outputs, even though there were fewer games finished this time.

In real life, my friends always shit on me for being so critical on everything, lol.


2011-12-13 16:01:34

Austin, you were meant to be covering game concept and themes, yet in almost every one of your reviews you mentioned graphics or art.
Also, you never even cited reasons why some things were good or bad implementations of the theme, and you never even mentioned gameplay concepts.

And this is really weird, because your reviews for past jams have been fantastic.


2011-12-13 16:08:39

Mc Funkypants should've won just because of the name.


2011-12-13 17:14:04

Newgrounds has a character limit so I have to SPLIT my text. I've already said it on the forums: newgrounds HATES communication.

Okay first of all I wanted to keep quite about the reviews. I was just like "shut the fuck up, Mark. Everyone loves Bryce Milburn and Austin Breed so if you are going to say a single negative thing all the little fan boys are going to give any of your future submissions a negative rating just for the sake of it". I wanted to wait and see what other people are going to say but just fuck it. I feel like speaking my mind and I know people will not agree with me but I don't have to be everyone's darling. I rather speak my mind and get some hatred instead of being bottled up.

It's nice to see that Bryce and Austin come from a Newgrounds background which basically translates to: they don't know shit and they have the attitude of little cocks. You know being kind of rude is the cool thing to do on Newgrounds it seems most of the time.

On the other hand we have McFunkypants who comes from Ludum Dare (if you don't know it you call Newgrounds your home) and certainly KNOWS what he is talking about. He doesn't have the negative background.

Now just compare the reviews by Brycebreed to the reviews of a dude who actually KNOWS what he is talking about aka McFunkypants.

I hope you can see the difference.

Where Brycebreed is just pretty harsh in nearly every single case (how demotivating for anyone who ever thought about entering yet another game jam) McFunkypants makes some pretty good and solid points.

We ALL KNOW opinions are like assholes. Everyone's got one but when its about reviewing something opinions shouldn't matter too much. Base your review on facts and be fair.
Austin mostly says "hate the graphics, game play sucks" kind of.


2011-12-13 17:15:03


For example look at my favourite game This Game Makes Sense which makes such great use of the theme. Cool guy McFunkypants 5/5. Brycebreed ripping it apart "I'm too stupid/I don't get it duuuur/what is creativity anyways?"

I could just go on and give you a lot of examples but in a nutshell it'S just:

1. McFunkypants knows what he is talking about
2. Brycebreed doesn't at all
3. Brycebreed is incredibly harsh
4. Compare Brycebreed scores to McFunkypants scores

So yeh I am aware of all the hatred I will get for this but just when I saw the thread where everyone was talking about their games and A.breed not really getting into it (the dude who was hosting it) I was just thinking "what a prick".

Feel free to flame me, I might say a lot of crap but there is a lot of true words and what I've said.

AustinBreed responds:

I'm really sorry you feel that way, it sounds like you're upset about the way that I'm running the Jam. In the future I will try to get more people involved in running the jam, so my mistakes don't bring other people down.

The Jam actually took place during my finals week at university, so that's why I didn't post very much in the thread. Two of my team members dropped out and my single partner made me promise not to reveal anything about our game, so I didn't have very much to post about, other than stuff about the timezones. I lurked when I could, between classes and working on our game but posted little.


2011-12-13 17:32:58

Congratulations to the winners. Love's Cadence was my favorite as well, if not just because their's was the most interesting and alluring one of the bunch.

And the judges reviews of Game Makes Sense pretty much sums up the masses reaction to it as well. One end or the other. Which I enjoy; basking in people's pain.


2011-12-13 17:55:24

I thought alot of the submissions came out well, but I was too scared to join this time because of the new random teams thing. It worked out great for Manly-Chicken, but Elfman-Rox got paired with Mikeys9607. :P


2011-12-13 18:23:40

Do these scores actually mean anything or did we do all this work for $4 in ad earnings and a $25 NG store credit?


2011-12-13 18:27:52

It's cool that Newgrounds has a REPLY feature j/k (it doesn't) so I have to leave a new reply:

So I didn't want to sound to harsh and too much like a dick there and from reading your reply you sound like a really nice bloke, Austin. I can also imagine the stress you were having since it were your finals.

In a nutshell this was my first game jam ever. It was a GREAT EXPERIENCE. Seriously one of my best weekends this year.

1) I got into a super awesome team (didn't know anyone)
2) I've met super awesome people
3) It was so much fun to collabrate
4) It was great to CREATE something
5) Was great to have a finished game at the end
6) Was great to see how other teams approched the whole thing

Overall I think this game jam ROCKED.
Still (and seriously I don't want to sound too much like a dick here) I think it is interesting how Bryce and you have judged games which is always a very low score making it sound like the games were utter bullshit compared to how Mc Funkypants always gave a nice review and a what I think is a FAIR score.

One might assume I am being a whiny bitch because of our review but I can see you actually wrote more for our game compared to some other games YET you mixed up our team name ;) and "the "trippy level" after hitting the space bar looks like it was produced in 5 minutes" ouch so bad lol

Really this is just MY opinion and the way I view it so of course I am curious what others think. Overall we are all nice people and can have a discussion about this without things getting nasty. This is the GREAT thing. It isn't something like a stupid flamewar. I hope you can kind of see where I am coming from :)


2011-12-13 18:39:44

@ab9003 If you don't want your store credit, I'd be glad to take it off your hands...
(I got like $6 in ad earnings, which is sadly a lot.)


2011-12-13 19:07:41

we won! Awesome! finally i get some store credit! - -what to get.....


2011-12-13 21:12:36

kool but " The art in this game seemed to be greatly influenced by illustrator Kevin Barrios; I wouldn't be surprised if the artists had lifted all the characters and designs directly from his work " Really? I was influenced by the eyes he uses, I dont think thats fair at all just to say I liften all the designs and characters?? Considering there is only really one character... . .


2011-12-13 21:57:47

if austin and i had a child. i would call it brycebreed. i love it.


2011-12-14 02:51:11

Please. Mark Porter, spread some love for a change...


2011-12-14 04:23:11

Congrats to the winners!


2011-12-14 04:37:31

Think the only thing I can add is whilst I'm for random teams, in this particular Game Jam some of groups couldn't get their projects off the ground since they were paired up with a useless programmer. For these Game Jams, it's like gestating a baby with no brain.

I'm hoping next time there is a Game Jam with random teams that some of the measures for picking programmers is more strict - and to give programmers some love, that they get some bonus prize moneys.

Otherwise I'm a bit sad that I couldn't join this one due to other priorities, but I'll aim to get involved in the next.

AustinBreed responds:

I'm a fan of your work, Turkey. I'm looking forward to seeing you in a future jam.

I was hoping that by opening all the decision making to the NG community, we could get what we really wanted out of the jams. Unfortunately, not that many people seem too interested in doing so.

I have a cool idea for picking teams next Jam, so if NG doesn't eat me alive by the next one I should have found a way to solve some of the issues regarding programmers and their teams. I'm open to all suggestions, there were some pretty good ones in the thread.


2011-12-14 08:01:07

Well most of those reviews were complete shit :|

Congrats to the winners though :P
Austin, i'm dissapointed :\


2011-12-14 12:43:54

I guess it's fair to say I'm a little disappointed nobody even considered the audio aspect of the games (both music and sound effects) which, y'know, is *kinda* important to establishing atmosphere. Oh, except Austin's one passing comment for Love's Cadence: "Also, the music was pretty great".

Very informative, indeed.

I know that musicians are frequently shat on as being the "other person" involved in any sort of project (films, video game development, television series, etc.), but since every team *had* a musician, I think it would have been...well, we composers certainly wouldn't have minded if you'd found a musician to take the audio aspect into consideration.

Not that that really matters, anyway: I mean, after all, who gives a shit about the wildcards?

(Updated ) AustinBreed responds:

It sounds like you were upset that nobody paid attention to the audio portion. I will admit that it was entirely my fault, I had originally sought out judges to cover the gameplay, design and audio portions. Literally all the people I contacted to cover the audio portions of the games were unable to judge the Jam, or didn't respond at all.

Among the people I had contacted were different musicians, some for game and some signed artists, including my close friend Fancy Mike and DannyBStyle of MeatBoy fame.

I am not blaming these people for not being able to judge, but I am trying to express that I had great concern for the audio portions of the game. By the time that the game jam had begun I only had someone to cover the gameplay and the design. As a last second decision, I decided to add my opinion because I am very interested in the way people innovate and incorporate themes during these competitions, and to help balance out the scores to pick a more solid winner.

So, I am very sorry that you and the other musicians felt left out. If we decide to continue using public judges in the future, I will make sure that this aspect is covered. In the past, music hasn't been as important because only half of the teams actually had musicians as wildcards, but during this jam it just so happened that we had the exactly amount of musicians to fill all of the places.


2011-12-14 16:03:14

Congratulations, everyone! In particular, wonderful work, Team KAFKA, with Love's Cadence ( /585063). For anyone who dislikes the reviews - remember, it was all just for fun. Everyone's a critic and sometimes the truth hurts. No matter what anyone says about your game, be confident in the knowledge that you are one of the elite few who are even able to make a game in the first place. Like being a chef in a gourmet restaurant, you always have to accept that even good work will be hated by someone. To each his own.

Looking for another (giant) game jam?

This weekend, be sure to join LUDUM DARE 22.
Its gonna be legen... waitforit... dary.

AustinBreed responds:

Thank you so much for taking the time to judge this competition, Chris! Good luck on your book.


2011-12-15 02:05:22

Is a game jam on Jan 1st still a go, or was that only a tentative date?


2011-12-16 16:42:51

I'm kind of just really happy i made my first game, maybe next time i'll be considered for an artist position in the next game jam


2011-12-16 16:44:13

also my art isn;t to parody either of their art i'm just an uncreative piece of shit that can't develop an art style of his own