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Animal Puncher

2011-11-03 16:46:25 by AustinBreed

Thank you, Newgrounds, for playing Animal Puncher!

There should be some medals soon. Also, I'm trying to organize a Game Jam at the end of November.


edit: Also, there is a Facebook page for the Game Jams. I was going to use it to vote on the themes, if people seem to be OK with it.

Animal Puncher


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2011-11-03 17:00:57

Who WOULDN'T want to punch a unicorn in her SELFISH SMUG FACE?
(Spoiler: Everyone)


2011-11-03 17:11:41

can't wait for the jam - - any chance we can know if its pre organized teams or random teams - i'd love to start thinkin about it so i dont have to scramble like i usually do to figure something out


2011-11-03 17:15:35

That game made me feel uncomfortable. In a good way, I guess. <3


2011-11-03 17:41:20

Oh, lovely, I was thinking about the game jams today and how I'd be interested in doing another. Could this one be more like the first one where there are random groups?


2011-11-03 18:20:07

yes yes yes, i've been wondering where the game jams were


2011-11-03 21:58:17

Game jam? Awesome.
Hopefully I can compete this time.
It's either been I've been too busy to compete, my team bailed on me, or I signed up as a free agent and didn't get put into a team.


2011-11-03 22:38:36

I thought it was alright, and agree with the review that Celx Requin wrote. However, I think you should go back to All Fads Die (even if you're burnt out on making segments for that series).

AustinBreed responds:

Wow, I haven't heard anyone talk about All Fads Die in a long time! I was really young when I joined those. I know Radioactive keeps talking about doing another one, he had some pieces done by some really awesome artists but never got to use them. (There was one from Rtil that never saw the light, which is a real shame.) It's been about five years since the last one was released, it'd be fun to do another. There really isn't so much hate for "fads" anymore, I think Newgrounds has really promoted original content over these last couple years and the excessive number of parodies aren't really a big problem anymore.


2011-11-04 02:30:13

I'd like to sign up for that game jam. It looks like my last chance.


2011-11-04 03:48:36

Jeejejeje ejejeje Game jam !


2011-11-04 05:31:31

woooo christmas jam yeaaaaaaaaaaaah


2011-11-11 14:48:38

I want the mp3 of the musics!


2011-11-13 06:07:44

You, sir, are sickening me. Making a game where a nerd is torturing poor defenseless animals! That irates me! I don`t know what drugs Tom was on when he approved a FP for this, but know this: When you die, you should be thrown in hell for this!!!! Such cruelty! Whenever i even THINK of this game i get goose bumps.
*To everyone that hasn`t played the game yet:*
DON`t do it! This game is a full load of crap and needs to be blammed! Not even the graphics approve of this, so don`t WASTE YOUR TIME!

As for you, burn in hell!

AustinBreed responds:

I want you to play the full game and send me a PM about what you thought. Go ahead and get past the cat part and the first level and see what happens.


2013-01-26 05:26:41

I wish people would give it a chance. You can't just stick your fingers in your ears and pretend there aren't people like the blonde geek featured in this game out there.
There's meaning behind it, and yes I was sickened too at first, but I'm willing to ignore my disgust for a dark story well told and one that DOES take place on our twisted little planet every day.