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2011-07-16 00:25:26 by AustinBreed

Hey Newgrounds! I'm looking for some good theme suggestions for the next Newgrounds Game Jam. Post your ideas in this newspost! Try to think as out of the box and be as innovative as possible, the Game Jams are a way for people to think differently about the way that they work and inject new ideas into the developing scene.

(Note: no seasons.)

Here is the commentary on all of the games that were developed during Game Jam 5:

Divine Comedy: The Game
Team Honey Badger
The introduction of the game describes Dante's descend into Hell as an initiative to change his ways, but within the circles of the inferno I was more confused than frightened by sloppy hittests and walls that sometimes granted passage.

Ender's Game:Battle Games
This game was very frustrating. I would have wished for an option to play as fewer soldiers, as it is too hard to control all of those people with just two hands. But props for creative innovation, a simpler way of executing this would to have been to keep one set of static controls and let the player switch between soldiers with another button.

Mikey S. & Manuel Z.
A late submission to the Jam, this team interpreted the Star Wars books as a horizontal shooter called Aristocratic! It lost points from me for being a lazy adaption, stating in the menu that the creators were fans of the movies and decided to make a game that appeared to be a Star Wars ship battle. The game itself isn't bad for a vertical shooter, a little too difficult, maybe.

GoBots: The Game
Team Nolax
I liked the look of this game and the music was appropriate. The only real complaint I have is that the characters should have been smaller, and the game canvas larger, to accommodate for the transforming robots.

Everyone Poops: The Game
Team Whipped Creamatory
Everyone Poops: The Game is actually pretty fun, despite being an unoriginal adaption. The player is launched into the air with poop and is made to fight birds and toilet bosses. The music didn't go along with the game very well and I often played with my speakers muted. I would have wished for one set of levels that progressively got harder, because the six difficulty settings did little to add to replay value. My neighbors, on the other hand, thought the game was really funny and played it for a long while.

Moby Dick:Ahab's Struggle
Tyler, VicBiss & Suezo
One of my favorites from Jam 5. Although the game itself is nothing I haven't seen before, it played well, looked well, and it had a lot of personality. In regards to game design, Ahab really needed a jump that landed him faster and allowed him some sort of air attack.

Charlie Chocolate Factory
Team ChocoCharlie
Without an objective, Team ChocoCharlie produced a adaption of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that aims to stimulate the fun of create your own unique candies. Perhaps within a factory that didn't require you to walk two areas away with the arrow keys to collect candies from a shelf with your mouse, this game would have succeeded in the game play department. The graphics were fun but that grain overlay needed to be tuned down majorly, it looked horrid.

4urentertainment, Nayhan, Idiot-Monarch & Jkamovies
If this game had been finished it probably would have placed in the top 3 games. I might think this because I have a soft spot for Kurt Vonnegut, but the production really was a unique game adaptation that brought this sad Billy Pilgrim character to life. The authors really appeared to understand the work. To this team: please finish the game!

Nemo's Run
Team Ugly Penguin
This adaption of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is a horizontal shooter that takes place under water. The graphics look decent and the game plays well but I didn't find myself coming back after a few plays.

The Big Bad Wolf
Team 3 Cats With Hats
This game needed a few things to live up to the Angry Birds genre: a restart button, a view mode, flash cookies, graphics that aren't overlayed by a very distracting texture. I think it would have won more originality points with a wolf that blew wind instead a cannon. Occasionally the game would keep the level failed screen in the background, which was pretty annoying. (A note to the developers: I think you forgot to embed the ammo price text into the game, the text does not display properly.) I did like how the game offered different types of ammo you could purchase, and it did play pretty well for a three day game. Plus, the three cats logo is awesome.

The Three Bears
Team Covered in Giant Hornets
This game was designed well, played well, and it was funny! It placed third in the competition, despite being based off a cliche fairy tale. In this adaption of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, you must run the little girl through the house of bears, snarf down all the porridge and proceed to break their furniture. It's actually difficult enough to want to play more than once but not impossible to beat.

Second Star to the Right
Skeik-Sprite, The-Phantasmic-Dead, & Alyssa Baker
What made this team's Peter Pan adaption really stand out was the fantastic animation and art by The-Phantasmic-Dead and Alyssa Baker. While it wasn't the only horizontal shooter to enter the Jam, the progression of enemies and environment kept the game fresh. However, I had some trouble running it the second or third time on my crappy pc, so a quality button would have been appreciated.

rUPunzel had a lot of good humor going for it, and it really is worth finishing to the end. While it looked nice and had no issues in terms of game play, it didn't have any compelling features that made it rememberable, except for a good level of polish.

Myth Runner
Team Bieber Invaders
With the chosen theme, I had to expect to see something like Everybody Poops: The Game. I did not expect to see this, however. One of first finished games in the Jam, Myth Runner is a mash-up of Harry Potter, Twilight and Jaws. Instead creating an accurate adaption of any of those titles, Team Bieber Invaders produced a Canabalt style game in which a power-up related to each of the books becomes available to travel faster, fly, and eat people. Despite being one of the higher scoring games, the lack of innovation in Myth Runner was hard to ignore.

The Outsider
Team New World Order
In regards to games in this competition creating the most accurate adaptions possible, the trio of Team New World Order takes the cake. The Outsider is a point and click adventure game with very detailed illustrations. You can tell that the authors really understood the work and took the time to bring this HP Lovecraft setting to life.

Robinson Crusoe: The Game
Team Happy Shack
The same team that developed Cripple Cannon in Game Jam 4 has pulled through again, this time taking 1st place. This game adaption of Robinson Crusoe leaves you stranded on an island to prepare for the fast approaching cannibals. While the difficulty here might have been too high for most players, the quality of the graphics and the gameplay is up to par with games that have taken weeks to complete. Even if survival games aren't your cup of tea, the intro animation is worth watching regardless.

Thanks for all the great games, I'll hopefully hear from you all next month!


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2011-07-16 00:38:15

awesome novel


2011-07-16 00:39:04

MY suggestion: Don't.

I'm sure if these talented developers had had more than 3 measly days to pump out these games, then all of your issues with these games could have been resolved.

Stop being a fatass if you want to lose weight, and seek help if you have substance abuse problems.

Also, make another vague abstract arteeeeeestic game with just a few dialogue choices that change nothing, I love those

AustinBreed responds:

It's too easy to be a cynic.


2011-07-16 00:58:37

Thanks for taking the time to write these out, man! :)


2011-07-16 02:23:51

You could do Movie adaptations or games based on songs


2011-07-16 02:53:22

I don't know if I should be worried about how little you wrote on our game...

Anyway, what sort of theme would you like? Something like 'apocalypse' that focuses what sort of games are made, or a theme like 'rebirth' that is open to interpretation?

AustinBreed responds:

Yeah, I'm sorry! None of you guys should take any of these comments to heart, the fact that you guys all had finished products in a weekend should be enough to earn anyone's respect.


2011-07-16 04:22:31

Thanks for doing this again! i think both of walllros's ideas could be cool, it's just up to the participants to not go for the obvious. Will there ever be a fully random jam again?


2011-07-16 05:17:02

Finish your Albert Camus game, will ya? :R

AustinBreed responds:

I actually just lost my computer! So any chance of finishing it is gone. (Also, a game I've been working on since February might have been destroyed.) :/


2011-07-16 08:20:38

There was a 48 hour film competition I went to. The film makers were all given different genres but they all had to include the same prop and line of dialogue. Maybe you could adapt that for a game. All the artists have to draw and incorporate a pre made character. Idk it's just a thought.


2011-07-16 08:57:41

I'm just going to throw some suggestions out there.

A theme could be to assign different genres to each team and make them come up with something new based on it.

Other theme suggestions:
- Base a game on a country.
- Base a game on a famous quote.
- Base a game on art.
- Make a game parody of a game.
- Childhood Memories


2011-07-16 14:05:24

Theme idea: going back.


2011-07-16 14:32:57

How about...

random house-hold objects.


2011-07-16 18:02:05

Here are a few more suggestions:

Film Noire
"Above the Clouds"
Small Scale


2011-07-17 02:24:47

What about a 4 day Jam, hear me out.

Day one: Programmers make an engine. (With instructions and shit)
Day Two: Those engines are given randomly to artist to make art stuff.
Day three: The games are shown to random Audio guys to make music/sound for it.
Day four: The Game and music is finally given to the programmer for him to add the audio and fix some stuff.

All of this without anyone knowing who they're working with..
At the end you tell everyone who they were working with and some one has to upload it.

A little vague I know.


2011-07-17 15:18:16

I'm going to support Wallross's idea of Film Noir.

Because, dammit. I want to write me some god damn extended metaphors.


2011-07-21 22:17:40

how about,

'teams with themes'

pair up 2 teams and have them give each other the theme. :)


2011-07-21 23:21:22

Here's some suggestions:
(an)other world(s)
hotseat/offline multiplayer
a strange place

Wallross's suggestions are also good, imo.


2011-07-22 19:05:33

Make a sequel to a game you didn't make
Forces of nature
Everyday life


2011-07-26 06:41:48

what about pokemon there needs to be more pokemon games here


2011-07-30 15:39:28

Fantasy Theme, Lightbulb theme, Retro Game theme, Instrumental theme, Lego theme (haha) Food theme. I could think of alot more if you want me to.

Sorry bout not fully focusing on the theme! It was our 1st game jam! :P


2011-08-04 19:25:38

Internet Memes


2011-08-17 12:44:07

Retro Game Theme: Base Your Games On Games From The Years 1970-1980.


2011-09-01 16:35:23

Got to agree with Shikamarana. Jams are bad since the results are not very good. The first and second jams (summer and winter) had excellent submissions but then it went down hill. You must have started doing something wrong...

How about creating something awesome! No time limit, no bugs, fully finished and the best it could possibly be.


2011-09-09 21:22:00

When it is going to be the next game jam?


2011-10-27 20:55:52

your games suck and arent deep at all hipster faggot


2011-10-28 15:44:13

Animal Puncher was incredible. Cheers.


2011-10-30 07:35:40

I agree with Kaneda-X Animal Puncher was relly great game are you planing sequel .And can you just tell me what is name of song at end of game credit?


2011-10-31 14:34:14

I will go to your house, burn your family down and sent your little baby brother or son to the microwave, why? because i think is cool, BTW I will record it and upload it to funny moments, cause i'm so cool