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Hipster Holocaust / Game Jam 5

2011-07-02 19:08:24 by AustinBreed

The winners for Game Jam 5 were announce on Tom's newspost! If you haven't played all the games yet, they are all located here. Developers had one weekend to produce a game based off of literature and the results were pretty good!

I will eventually get around to saying a little something about each game, but I really need to use this newspost to plug a REALLY COOL project I've been involved in! I have helped provide some poster artwork for a short film called Hipster Holocaust, co-written by Jon D.A. and Ian Shorr, and about to be directed by Scott Brown.

With still 6 days to go, they have met their $3,000 goal on Kickstarter. BUT if you still want to donate, you can get some awesome awards, including a custom portrait being killed as a hipster, by me!

So check out their Kickstarter page, here!

Also, I drew a comic for Lodacal Comix Issue 2! The zine is pretty awesome, so you should buy one!

Sorry about not having much to say about the Game Jam 5 at the moment, but I will soon!

Hipster Holocaust / Game Jam 5


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2011-07-02 20:27:54

How soon will you write your little reviews? It's basically the thing I've been most looking forward to since the end of the jam...


2011-07-02 20:47:26

A movie about killing hipsters?!
I will watch it like porn!


2011-07-03 00:53:14

But I love hipsters.


2011-07-04 17:20:03

So are you going to post reviews of each Game Jam submission like the year's before or are you gonna just leave us with this newpost?


2011-07-08 06:15:25

Hipsters are scum. They must die.