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2008-08-08 18:06:54 by AustinBreed

I won't lie, I literally flipped when I saw Deathgore up on the front page. Thanks a ton Tom!

For anyone who is visiting Camp North, add me up.
I visit daily, it's pretty cool. If you haven't checked it out yet, I suggest you do.

Not much else to say. I've been getting into actionscript a lot lately, still got a long way to go.

Peace everyone!


Deathgore woot.

2008-06-06 19:53:01 by AustinBreed

It seems that once again I'm being beat out by porn. Complete bullshit. (Not to mention Mario parodies, wooooo!)

Still, I present a year, off and on, of hard work. Deathgore.

It was last summer that I started working on it and it would go months without being touched. Now it's finally out and I'm thrilled. This is probably my favorite thing I've ever made.

This week finishing it up was hell. The .fla was so big that it'd take half an hour just to apply a simple action script on a frame.

ANYWAYS, thanks for all the support from everyone. Hope you enjoyed it. :)


2008-04-05 18:04:20 by AustinBreed

It's been a while since Timebomb. Hopefully you guys will enjoy something new from me. :D

I've been animating off and on, it's been weird. Especially after the move and such.

Other news: I got a laptop. And I don't see the comic coming back for a while, that was really just something to do to keep my creative juices flowing while I was away from animating. I still hope to pick it up some other time, maybe with some people helping me out too. :)

That's about it. Also, Jones soda is awesome.

Just Got My Computer Back

2008-02-10 19:28:14 by AustinBreed

My computer finally got fixed and is back under my desk. I got the whole hard drive swipped which lead to me having no Flash. :C I still have a older version on the computer at my mom's, so I'll still keep animating.

I also have a new webcomic. Check it out for lols.

Time Bomb is Out

2008-01-02 22:17:59 by AustinBreed

I finally got enough time to finish up my part for Time Bomb and Theo wrapped it in a nice package and sent it over. (Christmas Season is hell, no?)

Waddle on over and tell us what you think.

Christmas Time

2007-12-25 16:19:39 by AustinBreed

Merry Christmas Everyone. Got a new movie in the portal, nothing super special but I still think it's kind of funny. :)

My girlfriend got me an orange octopus and a Radiohead CD and my mom got me some cool pedals for my guitar. Aside from almost throwing up last night, today is going pretty good. How was everyone else's holiday?

I got a couple projects that I've been picking at for a few months. Some friends and I have been doing these flash shorts, nothing worth seeing really (yet). Also, this little three person collab Theo, Zorg-o, and I have been doing should be completed sometime next month.

Merry Christmas, Friends.

The Flathead Collab Out

2007-11-23 21:11:14 by AustinBreed

We finally submitted The Flathead Collab. Tell us what you think.

New Flash. :D

2007-09-03 12:30:17 by AustinBreed

I finished a short a started a long time ago. :D

It was close to winning Daily 5th, but sadly it got 6th place instead. Flathead is close to completion, but theres still a lot to do on my part. D:

Also, I want to hear some new good music from the audio portal. So if theres something that you thought was spiffy post it in a comment for me. :D

So yeah.


2007-07-23 03:38:07 by AustinBreed

Well this profile thing is pretty cool. For anyone reading this, I've been slowly picking at another solo project but don't expect it to be done for a while (or to be good).

I'm spending a lot of time on the Flathead Collab, so wish us luck. :)

Lastly, "A Pokemon Battle Flash" reached 200k hits last week. A big thanks to all the people who watched. :3