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Golden Triangle (reserve a copy)

2009-10-24 16:03:25 by AustinBreed

I'm a huge, huge fan of Triangle Triangle, and they're releasing a copy of their new book, Golden Triangle, in December.

If you want to do me a huge favor, go to O Lush and click on the moving banner. I'll receive a free copy if we get enough hits back to his site.

If you've never checked out Triangle Triangle, it's really rad. He just covers a bunch of great photography. If you're into photography, I'd totally try to reserve a copy. It's gonna be awesome.

Also, we have some new artsy stuff going on in O Lush. Read our new interviews. If you have any opinions about the site, or you want to show us your work, drop me over an email: austinbreed[at] I'd really appreciate it, O Lush is my new passion.

Thanks, love you all.

Golden Triangle (reserve a copy)

Interview with Fancy Mike on O! Lush.

2009-09-30 18:38:44 by AustinBreed

I got a totally rad interview with Fancy Mike, where he really opened up about the current position with his music and the state of his influences.

Interview with Fancy Mike on O! Lush.

My Art Portal Highlights

2009-06-21 18:33:50 by AustinBreed

People have been quick to judge the art portal. Most people take a couple glances and deem the entire thing a waste of time. I've heard both sides of the argument.

But other than the obvious artists that everyone knows, I'm going to point out some highlights that I've found from browsing the art portal these past few days, that might not have received the attention they deserve. All the artists that I'm mentioning are completely new to me that I've found just by browsing the new art portal. None of them were artists that I was already familiar with.

Nahuije has drawn a little bit of attention with his psychedelic sculpture paintings.

UltimatePitchfork was the first person who caught my eye. I recongized his name from Camp North, but I never actually took the time to look through his work. I'm glad I did, he gave me a bit of inspiration I really needed. Some of his work reminds me of Ansel and Nathaniel. (His piece "skirt" is currently my tiled desktop.)

Famiry is defiantly someone who deserves a little attention. His style is deep and I can really feel from his work. I love his work for a band and apparently he does commissions.

LiftYourSkinnyFists is another fantastic artist I've found through browsing, who defiantly has a thick style along with some folksy and dark influences, which I totally dig.

Other artists I love, but I hope you've already heard of, would be Zekey, Buzzwerd, Bryce Rice, and Glassbomb.

If you have anything you'd like to show me, post it here so I can get some good, fresh influences.

My Art Portal Highlights

I finally changed my name.

2009-03-09 21:26:38 by AustinBreed

I always hated the name TrippingMetal, so I got it changed. Thanks Tom!

I finally changed my name.

Shake the World Collab and Sketches.

2009-02-12 22:17:22 by AustinBreed

Bryce Rice Milburn is starting a rad collab to support this Shake the World project, which is going to rule.

If you having heard of the Shake the World project, read his post 'bout it.

You're going to be missin' out if you're not helping. Read the thread here to join in, man.

Anyone want to do a collab? The theme would be hand held video camera and you can animate anything you want, but just make it seem like someone is video taping something by holding a camera or setting it on a tripod or something. Maybe you can animate for example someone videotaping their little boy's soccer game and like a giant fucking robot comes down and steps on them all. I dk, just something creative, ha.

Background Color: White (add your own in, but keep the default white)
FPS: 24
Size: 720x500

There you go. Send your finished .fla to Finish by February 28th, which is the end of this month.

EDIT: Bryce just changed the due date to March 12th, lol.

In other shit, we made a collab about Camp North being dead. :(

Defacing the Lion was super well received and that's totally cool, thanks guys. I honestly didn't think anyone would watch it.

Lastly, I uploaded some of my sketchbook drawings to Flickr. Tell me what you think.

Shake the World Collab and Sketches.

Defacing the Lion, Spam Collab.

2009-01-29 17:32:49 by AustinBreed

I have a new animation called Defacing the Lion.

By the way, I made a Twitter. Add me up if you've got one.

For anyone who was wondering, we're going to hold back the Spam Collab until Camp North comes back online, which should be about a month. If you're still working on yours, it's cool. This might give some more people time to make parts. Send the .fla to (The specs were 550x400 with a 24 fps. Put your animation inside a movieclip and music can be used.)

I'll be working with Evan Hayes to produce a pretty rad game. I'm also slowly teaching myself more actionscript, so you might see some games from me this year.

That is all I really have to say. I had a pretty laid back day so I'm going to go chill for a bit, peace.

Defacing the Lion, Spam Collab.

Looking Back

2009-01-05 23:27:24 by AustinBreed

First of all, I have a design on Threadless, so if you have an account please vote. It'd be very much appreciated.

2008 went by really slow for me. So much has changed, I feel like an entirely new person.

First of all, I turned 16 at the beginning of the year. This was very scary for me because I felt like I no longer had plenty of time to lay back and slowly hone my animation/art skills, and that I really needed to catch up with myself. Although I might not show it very much, I take that stuff very seriously. I immediately started to constantly draw everyday. I feel like while my animation hasn't gone very far, my art style has aged faster than it ever has.

Just compare my first solo project of the year to my last one.
I can hardly recognize the first one as something I drew.

Even though 2008 appears as my most productive year on Newgrounds, with more submissions than any other year, I don't feel like I've accomplished too much.

I'd like to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who supported Deathgore. Why I think Deathgore is one of the best things I've ever made is because it was a character that I created from scratch and expanded on. Although simple, the character Deathgore was one that I had been sketching in my notebooks and on desks for over a year.

It's lack of success at first was the main reason for my lack of inspiration. Even though Deathgore wasn't the cleanest thing ever created, I felt as though I had poured a part of me into that animation. For once it wasn't another Pokemon parody, or a short animation for a cheap laugh, it was a full animation that I created with nothing on a very old computer, without internet, in my room at our old house. I may not be the most talented animator and Deathgore might not have been executed the best way, it was my very first attempt at a full scale project with 100% original material.

And on the day it was submitted, it swept by without an award, and the only thing that was left behind from it's submission day was a couple of decent reviews and a bad score.

This led me to give up on animation for a long time. All of that energy transferred into art, and coincidentally the awaited arrival of came, and this distracted me for a while. My friend Nathan featured Deathgore on the first couple weeks of it's opening, and the feedback got me interested in going through with the sequel to Deathgore.

And then Deathgore hit the front page of I don't know how it happened, and in the past I was tempted to PM Tom and just ask him how he came across it or why it was featured, because it just amazed me. It may not be "cool" to admit becoming giddy about something so silly, but I was. It was like opening that birthday gift that I never got, the one that had been in the back of my mind my entire life and I never realized how much it meant to be until I saw it before my very eyes.

Looking back on Deathgore now, even though it has been a short time, the execution of the animation seemed silly and unorderly. But the feedback was wonderful. Even the bad feedback. The bad feedback felt wonderful because someone had ACTUALLY watched a production of MINE and HATED it! I recieved actual HATE for something that was 100% mine, and it wasn't a parody or a cheap joke animation. It all felt glorious.

And the people who did love it- I don't know what they saw. When I watch Deathgore I feel like the mother of a deformed, retarded child who thinks that she'll be the only one who could ever love the face of such a creature.
But the people who truly liked it, and I mean TRULY understood the humor of the piece, I have forever grateful to you. There were people who I would show it to as I worked on it, and they would say things like, "oh, he's cute" or "haha it's gorey", but to actual understand it on the same level of humor as me is phenomenal to me.

So once again, HUGE thank you to for ALL the feedback concerning Deathgore.

And to all of the people who invited me into little collabs this year, thank you.
Thanks to everyone at Camp North.
Thanks to the people who ever looked at this shit.
Sorry to everyone on Sheezyart and Deviantart who used to watch me, I just haven't logged in either in a long time. :(

A few of my favorite animations from this year:
Collin & The Wishing Tree
Madness: Bar Brawl
Bad Hair
I wish I were the Moon
Exporting Flash Movie (CN link, because I guess he deleted it on Newgrounds. :( )
Art in the Playground
The Headache
Dog Of Man
The Supernatural
Bad Baby

That's everything I have to say about 2008. (If you still want to get in and Nathan and I's collab, you have until the 24th.

As a last note, I'd like to add about my fears of Deathgore 2. I feel like the people who liked Deathgore 1 aren't going to be very pleased with the way that DG2 is being carried out, thus far. Usually I try to be more subtle about things like that, but that's how I'm feeling. I'm sorry if you don't like the new approach or the new art style, but I'm just going about it the way I feel it should be.

Leaving off with a screen shot of DG2.


Looking Back

Merry Christmas and the Largest Spam Collab

2008-12-26 19:59:46 by AustinBreed

This Christmas I made another animation.

And I took part in this.

Nathaniel Milburn and I are trying to put together the largest spam collab ever made. If you want to contribute, that would be super awesome.

Happy Holidays, peace.

Merry Christmas and the Largest Spam Collab

Some Stuff

2008-11-15 00:23:01 by AustinBreed

First of all, I put together a little collab for my friend Jeremy.

I managed to recover DG2 and I'm slowly moving along with it and I try to update this thing daily.

Also, I printed a couple Deathgore stickers, like this one that I gave to my friend.

Some Stuff

My computer got shot.

2008-10-12 20:24:54 by AustinBreed

I'm getting a blue screen on my computer when I try to start it up, so that kinda sucks. I went into safe mode to retrieve the files I had on Deathgore 2 and put them on a flash drive, just in case something happens.

It was pretty sad. I was stuck in this funk for the longest time about that flash, once to the point where I dropped what I had and started over, and just as I was getting over it my computer decides to get fucked up. :(

My computer got shot.