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Game Jam 7

2012-06-06 17:27:24 by AustinBreed

The theme is revealed!


Wow, this newspost is becoming a real mess.

Update: Second round of picks are happening. If you made a pick earlier today, you can make a second one now!


Here is the big fat list of all the game jam participants! Underlined people have already been taken! And here is a nice table with all the time zones.

Programmers who signed up:
guy-unger/GMT + 2/Flash CS5.5
mintpaw/GMT-7/Flash CS5.5
tharosthedragon/GMT-8/Flash CS4
toast/GMT+9/Flash CS3 - Flash 8
blaker2000/GMT+2/Flash CS5
4urentertainment/GMT+2/Flash CS5
pikanjo/???/Flash CS5, CS3, Flex
turtleco/GMT -5/Flash 8
mattster/GMT -5/Flash CS5.5
nayhan/GMT +9/Flash CS5.5
venks/???/Flash Developer - Flixel
egg82/GMT-7/Flash CS6 - Flash Develop
indigenousdigitalist/GMT-4/Flash CS5
mr-shark/GMT-4/AS2 Flash 8
grent/GMT-6/Flash CS5.5
gimmick/GMT+5/Flash CS5.5
raidthewood/GMT-5/Flash CS5.5
archawn/GMT-5/Flash CS4
ab9003/GMT-4/Flash CS6
josilver/GMT +/- 4/Flash CS3- CS5.5
monoflauta/GMT -3/Flash CS3/CS4/CS5/CS5.5
glaiel-gamer/GMT-7/Flash CS5
spudzy/GMT-1/Flash 8
nolanlabs/GMT-5/AS2 with Flash 8-CS5.5 OR AS3-FlashDevelop
p4inkiller/GMT+1/AS3 Flash Builder-Flash Develop
wallross/GMT+10/Flash CS4
tenentenen/GMT-5/Flash CS5.5 AS3
molkmanFlash CS4/AS 2 & 3/ 6 years / EST +6
Mr-Johnson22/CS4, FlashDevelop, AS3/ EST


Crazy Rock GMT + 2, Flash 8/CS3 Photoshop CS4
Erasmus GMT, Flash CS5.5 Photoshop
Tyler GMT - 5, Flash CS3
Blounty GMT CS5.5
Aigis GMT + 12 Flash CS5, CS6
nathanielmilburn GMT -5, Flash After Effects Photoshop (CS6/5.5)
sandwich-eater GMT +12 Flash CS3
Goat-ManGMT - 6, Flash 8 CS3 CS4 CS5
3d-xelu GMT +2, Flash CS5.5
buzzwerd GMT - 7, Flash CS5.5
sirhenrystudios GMT - 4 Flash CS5 + Flash Develop
maxman43 GMT -5 Flash 8
cherry-cupid GMT - 5 Adobe CS4
Izzy-a GMT-5 Flash/Photoshop CS4

Flash Storm GMT - 4 Flash CS3
destructin GMT - 6 Flash CS3
Nicholas-Deary GMT + 1 Flash CS5
Captain-Carrion GMT - 5 Paint MS Paint Flash

shadowgamer2 GMT-5 Flash CS5
tyrstanr CAT + 2, Stencyl Photoshop
Rooster GMT - 5, Flash/Photoshop
Kashi GMT-4, Flash 8
Kembry GMT+3, Flash CS3

FlowersCheers GMT-8 Flash Photoshop Illustrator
Idiot-Monarch GMT+2, Flash CS4
MihaP GMT+1, Flash 8
Luis GMT-5, Flash CS4
Emrox GMT-5, Flash CS5.5

Akiimu GMT-7 Flash/Photoshop CS4
Gaycied GMT-4, Flash 8/CS5
MajusArts GMT+6 Flash/Photoshop CS5
TheTurboRage GMT?, Flash CS6
Icandraw GMT +3, Flash CS4
FsebastiamL GMT+1, Flash/Photoshop CS5
Iami2002 GMT-5, Flash/Photoshop CS3
Bobby64 GMT - 5, Flash CS3
omegafinal GMT-4, Flash CS5.5

LDAF GMT-7, Flash CS5
AustinBreed GMT-4, Flash 8
FrostDrive GMT - 6, Flash CS5.5

Decky GMT, Flash CS5 GIMP (Artist/Wildcard)
JonRichardson / GMT+1 / Flash, Photoshop
BilalZ (sorry!)

IllinFoAKillin / EST
JensBIg / EST +6
JoHobo2 / GMT
Shredator/GMT +2
OctoEntandre / GMT -5

Kurayami8 / GMT -3
XsakuX / GMT -3
Intero / GMT -2

Cahocachi / GMT -1
Adam-Beilgard / GMT-6
RampantMusik / GMT-5
Chando / GMT-5

Alexander / Central Time
CidiousClef / GMT-4
Kirbyfemur / GMT-7
Halcyonicfalconx / Central Time
RealFaction / EST

TroisNyxEtienne / GMT+1
Jernemies / GMT+3
Nimblekidx / EST
Samulis / GMT-5
houzatosis / UTC-6

Travis / EST / Art, Voice Actor
Flowers10 / GMT+2 / Digital Painter, Graphic Designer, Stripper
DeadEndWorldStudios / EST / Voice Actor

Viking-Dog / EST / Additional Art
MonathinReplis / EST / Writer, Actor
KaggyFilms / EST / Actor
Madvideogamer / EST / Writer
Larkatosa / GTM+2 / Artist
Hellz-Yeah / GMT-5 / Writer

JaxTDog / GMT-4 / Writer, Actor, Musician
ZaneZansorrow / UTC-5 / Background Artist
dangoval95 / UTC-8 / Animate, Write, Art
ReNaeNae / GMT-5 / Extra Art, Menus
ForNoReason / EST / Voice Actor, Writer
J-Rex / Somewhere / Writer, Voice Actor
Ryry67dude / GMT-4 / Musician
big-jonny-13 / GMT-5 / Voice Actor
RedHarvest / Central / Writer, Voice Actor, SFX, Art
Radioactive24 / GMT-5 / Writing, Art
blackmist75 GMT-5 Flash 8
Himynameisjacob / GMT-6 / Musician

Saminat / EST / Actor, Singer, Writer


June 10th Update:
Join some discussion!

During the last weekend of June

The Game Jam 7 will begin on Friday, June 29nd, and the games will have to be in by 11:59pm on Sunday, July 1st (Newgrounds Time, EST).

+ A Game Jam is a community project to rapidly create video game designs and inject new ideas into the industry. Starting on Friday, teams of four or more will have three days to finish a game under certain stipulations.

+ You can play all the games from Game Jam 6 here, with the community-voted theme hallucinations.

+ Calling all animators, programmers, writers, musicians, bards: anyone with an ounce of creative potential is welcome to compete!

+ Teams will be decided using a new method. Programmers who are signed up will get to pick from a pool of teammates a day before the jam begins.

+ Sign-ups will stop after Wednesday, the 27th. On Thursday, programmers will select their team picks from a pool of everyone who signed up by posting in a provided thread. Each programmer is allowed to pick 1 artist, 1 musician, and 1 wild-card. First come, first serve. After every programmer makes his first picks, there will be another round of picks, until every person who signed up has a spot.

+ To sign-up, fill out the proper form and post it in this newspost. Please choose the job that suites you best!

+ Programmers are capable of writing in Actionscript 2 or 3. (Actionscript libraries, like Flixel and FlashPunk are allowed, and so is Stencyl.) Programmers are usually the backbone of their teams, and since programmers will be making the team picks this Jam, if you're going to sign-up make sure you'll actually participate! (Also, because programmers are usually in high demand, if you can program you should sign up for that.)

+ Artists are capable of animating and/or drawing in Flash. Digital painters have also helped make some great graphics for their teams - just make sure you include what tool you're using on your form.

+ Musicians are capable of producing music and/or sound effects for their team's games. Sometimes, the music can make or break a game!

+ Wildcards are capable of using other talents to add some extra juice to a game. These people can be writers, voice actors, ect.

Job (artist/programmer/musician/wildcard) / Tools of Choice / Years of Experience / Timezone (GMT -+ ?)

+ Shhh... it's a secret.

+ Don't forget about juiciness!
+ Art, animation, and engines must be made from scratch over the week. Don't just copy the same engine/art from another game you've made!
+ Actionscript libraries, such as Flixel and FlashPunk, and Stencyl are OK!
+ Ads, Newgrounds API, and non-Newgrounds API are OK!
+ If you use Stencyl on your game, you could enter it in the Newgrounds 2012 Stencyl Jam!
+ If you have any opinions or feedback, feel free to drop me a PM.
+ Look for a screencap/update thread when jam time rolls around. It's really fun to see what everyone else is doing during the comp.

+ Check out all the games from the last six game jams.
+ Check out the Game Jam Survival Guide.
+ Game Jam post-mortem: what went right / what went wrong.

That's it, I'll be looking forward to jamming with you all!



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2012-10-09 12:01:09

Coolio. And Austin, you should make a Magic Pink Man 3, that was a cool game. Perhaps an Animal Puncher 2? All of your games/movies/art are great.


2012-07-04 10:14:52

That was fun, thanks Austin. Our game'll be out robot day, stay tuned!


2012-07-03 07:57:29

Yeah thanks alot Austin! It was very brutal, I went through a night with getting 2 hours sleep aha. But it was so worth it!


2012-07-02 17:13:37

thanks for hosting this jam. it was brutal but it was rewarding.


2012-06-28 23:05:51

Awesome, good luck to everyone! I could join as programmer


2012-06-28 20:32:21

I don't think I'll be able to compete this time guys, sorry. Hopefully, I can get a programmer spot next game jam.


2012-06-28 14:26:12

Also my TS is GMT+0


2012-06-28 14:25:02

Want to join as a programmer


2012-06-28 11:28:30

You'll probably need to mark out who's taken before we go for second artists.


2012-06-28 10:00:30

@D-SuN, you should hurry and pick a team in the team picking thread if you want to join!


2012-06-28 09:29:33

Is it not too late to join?

Job: Programmer
Tools: AS2, AS3, HaXe
EXP: 3 years
Time Zone: UTC+10:00


2012-06-28 08:09:06

Que pasa? I'm not listed in the wildcards?


2012-06-28 00:46:58

KC is alright - I used to be in Lawrence, now I'm in Des Moines

AustinBreed responds:

Lawrence is cool too, I love the Wonder Fair.


2012-06-28 00:30:02

I'm sure everyone is much more worried about team members than team names. I hope the name isn't in stone, cause I'm gonna wanna let my team pick something much better than 'zeta' ...

AustinBreed responds:

Ha yeah it's all good, the team names are just there to keep track of all the teams during jam time.


2012-06-28 00:20:13

I was under the impression CST was GMT - 6. If you're truly CST we should have a beer, I'll even call RicePirate.

AustinBreed responds:

I thought it was -4, time is weeeeird. I'm from KC.


2012-06-28 00:18:15

I'm not listed there as programmer. :(

AustinBreed responds:

Sorry molky! I added you just now. :(


2012-06-28 00:13:35

You didn't capitalize any of the programmers names. <_<
At least do mine please!


2012-06-27 22:55:48

Are you stoked yet? No? Well, you'd better be! Rock 'n Roll baby!


2012-06-27 22:55:39

Are you stoked yet? No? Well, you'd better be! Rock 'n Roll baby!


2012-06-27 22:55:34

Are you stoked yet? No? Well, you'd better be! Rock 'n Roll baby!


2012-06-27 19:28:58

Job: Animator/Artist
Tools: Flash 8/CS5.5, Photoshop, Paint SAI
Time Zone: (Pacific)
+4 years experience.
I have a semi-professional level microphone so I can lend a hand in VA. and my specialties in art are character design, and use of color theory.


2012-06-27 14:26:05

I am artist / Flash 8 / 8 years of flash xp / Central (GMT -4)


2012-06-27 13:18:08

job: Programmer
tool: Flash CS5.5 (as3)
about 5 years of experience
Current time zone offset: UTC/GMT +2 hours

+ I could do some art and I can work with stencyl but I prefer actionscript


2012-06-27 10:11:47

job: artist
tool of choice: Flash CS5 and Corel Painter 11 (for still images)
years of experience: Approx. 3
time zone: GMT+/-7:00 (so EST time)


2012-06-27 01:41:43

Job: Programmer, designer
Tools: Flixel preferred, Stencyl if I get desperate
Experience: A lifetime of theoretical game design and a few months of programming
Time Zone: UTC -5 Central

This will be my first jam, I took off work just for it. Should be fun!


2012-06-27 01:22:32

Job: Programmer AS3
Tools: Flash Develop, Flash CS5.5+
Experience: 7yrs.
Time Zone: UTC -7 Mountain Time

I will be using Skype, MSN, or Yahoo Messenger to communicate and Dropbox for file sharing.

Let's rock!


2012-06-27 00:37:13

Job: Musician, Composer

-Instruments: Piano, Bass, Contrabass, Guitar.
-DAW: Pro Tools, Reason 5
-Libraries: Native Instruments + Many Reason ReFills
Experience: 8 years musician

Timezone: EST


2012-06-26 21:51:10

Programmer / Flash CS4 + AS3 / 11 years of experience / GMT-8


2012-06-26 10:26:39

Job: Musician, Music Composer/Producer

+ Instruments: Keys, Guitar/Bass, Synthesizers, Drums
+ DAW: AVID Pro Tools, Steinberg Cubase+Nuendo, Apple Logic Pro
+ Libraries: Project SAM, Vienna Symphonic Orchestra, Audio Bro, Spectrasonics, Native Instruments and many own individual sample library
+ Plugins: Waves, Lexicon, TC Electronics and many more

EXP: 11 years as a musician + 5 years as a producer

Timezone: EST +6


2012-06-26 07:37:45

Irrelevance incoming. Is June "29nd" a mistake or a subtle joke?

Just curious.


2012-06-26 05:52:09

sucks. seems like i hve to turn down this event >.<


2012-06-25 22:44:20

Job: Musician
Tools: Cockos Reaper, Audacity, Guitars (Rock, Grade 5), Violin (Classical, Grade 8)
EXP: 13 years
Time Zone: GMT

Also, I have a few years animation experience in flash (adobe CS5.5) and I'm happy to go without sleep for the course of the game jam.


2012-06-25 18:15:50

Looks like I should be able to attend with little to no interruptions.

Job: Artist
Tools: Flash CS5.5, Photoshop CS5.1
EXP: About 6 years (Also attended 2 Game Jams)
Time Zone: GMT-4 Eastern Daylight


2012-06-25 10:23:10

Macromedia 8 / Adobe CS3 / FlashDevelop
Exp: started 8 years ago, but ~3 yrs of actual coding
Time zone: GMT+9 Japan/Korea


2012-06-25 09:24:26

I'm going to have to drop out, it turns out I have to do new student registration for college during Game Jam time. I will try my hardest to make it for the next Game Jam though!


2012-06-25 06:30:17

software CS5
exp 2years
time zone GMT+2
i didn't sleep in the last jam i wont sleep in this one if i have too :D.


2012-06-25 06:30:16

software CS5
exp 2years
time zone GMT+2
i didn't sleep in the last jam i wont sleep in this one if i have too :D.


2012-06-25 06:30:16

software CS5
exp 2years
time zone GMT+2
i didn't sleep in the last jam i wont sleep in this one if i have too :D.


2012-06-25 06:15:40

Programmer/Adobe Flash CS5, Flash Develop/ 4 years of experience/ GMT + 2


2012-06-24 23:07:44

Never mind. Going to have to drop-out this time around.


2012-06-24 21:35:27

Job: Artist
Tool: Flash CS3
Experience: around 4 years
Timezone: EST


2012-06-24 16:06:29

Scratch what I said. I can't do it. Forced to go to family thing on 30th, which will last from probably 2PM-9/10PM EST.


2012-06-24 15:53:59

Job (artist/programmer/musician/wildcard) / Tools of Choice / Years of Experience / Timezone (GMT -+ ?)

Programmer: Adobe Flash CS6 (trial, ending a couple weeks after Game Jam)
Experience: 3.5 years
Timezone: GMT-5 (EST though, so technically GMT-4?)


2012-06-23 22:00:00

Programmer: AS3/Flex | Flash5, CS3, CS5.5
Experience: ~10 years
I don't wanna force anyone to work with me, so if you're interested, please PM me, and I'll choose from those people. I don't know any Flash frameworks, so I'll be coding from scratch/using libs I've built up. The artist(s) can work in whatever version of Flash preferred (or even something else) - I plan to just export resources as .swc, which means you don't have to touch a line of code! I can also do voice acting and a lil art/animation if necessary. I will be busy the first half of Friday tho.
Anyone wanna do an HTML5/canvas game? (nowhere in AustinBreed's post does it define the medium).

QUESTION, Mr. Breed: Does your DON'T FORGET section imply that we can start working the week of, before the teams are even picked? ('made from scratch over the week')



2012-06-23 12:50:50

Job- Programmer
Tool- Flash 8
experience - 2 years as2, 3 years flash animation
EST (GMT -5)


2012-06-23 01:25:15

Job- Artist
Tool- Flash CS3, Photoshop
Years of Exp- 5 years in Flash Animation
Timezone- UTC - 5h ( Eastern)


2012-06-22 23:52:35

Ah, I forgot to mention I can also use flash 8.


2012-06-22 21:41:40

Job - Artist
Tools - Flash CS5, Photoshop CS5, Illustrator CS5
Years of Exp - Animating for 5 years, photoshop and illustrator for 1 year
Timezone - GMT +1 hour


2012-06-21 23:33:16

Damnit... I want to enter this so bad but I have obligations that Friday and missing the first day of such a short event would be devastating for my team :/
*cries in corner*


2012-06-21 16:42:05

Sonar 8.5; Kontakt 5 Library, Guitars, Drums, Piano.
0.5 year as computer musician and 7 years as musician. - a few songs of mine which i made for this resource
GMT (+02:00)