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NG GAME JAM 9: Screenshots You Want to Play

2013-06-12 14:22:44 by AustinBreed

6/20 Update:
Good morning jammers, the new thread to declare your screenshot/team is here.

NEWGROUNDS GAME JAM 9: Screenshots You Want to Play
Art Discussion Thread + Team Finding Thread + TinyChat

Hey Newgrounds, it's been a while! Let's skip the introduction and get to the jammin'.

The Game Jam 9 will take place in two parts. The first part will be art submission until June 19th, and the second part will be game developing that will last 2 weeks (from June 20th to July 4th).

+ The Game Jams have been a community project to rapidly create video game designs and inject new ideas into the industry. In the past, teams made up of (sometimes random) people with various talents would be given a theme (like cabin in the woods, literary classics, or specific horrible constraints) and have a short deadline to finish the game.

+ You can check out all the past Game Jam games here.

+ From my personal experience, the very best thing about the game jams are meeting new people and collaborators that you may never would have interacted with before. Animators, programmers, writers, artists, musicians, voice actors; anyone with any ounce of creative potential is welcome to join us!


+ This time around we're inviting artists to create mock screenshots of interesting games. Teams will then be asked to pick their favorite fake screenshot and build a game based entirely off of it.


+ ARTISTS: Make a fake screenshot for the game you've always wanted to play! There are no requirements for the size and it can look as vague, abstract, conceptual, or absurd as you please. I've posted an example I made at the bottom.

+ These pieces should not be concept art. They should at least appear to be representing some kind of gameplay footage.

+ Submit your screenshots to the Art Portal by June 19th and MAKE SURE TO TAG IT with 'screenshotjam', without the quotes, obviously.

+ Remember that by submitting your piece to this competition you're essentially entering it into the public domain for someone to run with your concept and make a game out of it.

+ If you want to submit more than one, go ahead.


+ Your team will declare the screenshot your game is inspired by on June 20th in a provided thread!

+ You will have 2 weeks (until July 4th) to create the game and submit it to the portal. Make sure to tag it with 'GameJam9', without the quotes.

+ All screenshots are up for grabs, any two teams can do the same screenshot.


+ There won't be any random team placement or any other fancy way of making teams this jam, just find some strangers, some good buddies, or contact the people you've jammed with in the past. (A solid team usually includes at least one programmer and one artist. Whatever other skills make your game awesome is free reign!)

+ Use this thread to find teammates.

+ Feel free to lone wolf it, no one said you can't. (Although I wouldn't recommend it because it's more fun to work with other people and you can make games by yourself any other day.)

+ If you made a mock screenshot and are also joining a Jam team, don't pick the artwork you entered! The whole point is to let someone else reinterpret your concept -- plus it's more fun interpret someone else's.


+ All times are Newgrounds times. (EST; GMT -5.)
+ Artists: Don't forget to tag your artwork!
+ Art, animation, and the majority of code must be made from scratch over the week. Don't just copy the same stuff from another game you've made.
+ Actionscript libraries, such as Flixel & Flashpunk, are OK.
+ Stencyl and other programs like it are OK.
Ads, Newgrounds API, and non-Newgrounds API are OK.
+ If you have any ideas or feedback, please drop me a PM.
+ Post your progress in the discussion thread. Remember it's a community effort! I can't stress this enough.


+ PC Mag: How to Make the Most of Your Game Jam
+ 7 Tips to Finishing a Game in 48 Hours
+ GameDev Tuts: How to Get the Most Out of a Game Jam
+ And Remember to Work Together ... as a Jamteam!
+ Game Jam Tips
+ 7 Killer Tips for Making a Game in 48 Hours
+ The Game Jam Post-Mortem, 2010-2011
+ The Game Jam Survival Guide

NG GAME JAM 9: Screenshots You Want to Play

What I've been up to.

2013-03-29 23:51:46 by AustinBreed

I was sick of seeing the super long game jam post so I'm replacing it with this.

I've been taking a break from games. Currently I'm working on a cartoon, but it's taking a backseat to finishing college.

I played with Stencyl a lot last Summer- I had four games I left unfinished for one reason or another. One of them was a spiritual sequel to Mother in Festerwood about a father who teaches his daughter how to hunt. Another one was a foosball simulation with over the top things like wizards and table shaking mechanics, and I had a tribute to one of my favorite NES games, Gradius. When you work alone it's hard to stay motivated. Also, Stencyl is easy to use but it has some major problems that make it a drag. I'd like to use Construct 2 but they haven't supported mac users yet. Actionscript is still probably the easiest to use for me.

I'm always interested in working with new people. If anyone wants to work on something with me shoot me an email (austinbreed at gmail). Also, my cartoon is about a coffee shop that is set in a town called Craterville where everyone is a mean mutant.

What I've been up to.

Game Jam 7

2012-06-06 17:27:24 by AustinBreed

The theme is revealed!


Wow, this newspost is becoming a real mess.

Update: Second round of picks are happening. If you made a pick earlier today, you can make a second one now!


Here is the big fat list of all the game jam participants! Underlined people have already been taken! And here is a nice table with all the time zones.

Programmers who signed up:
guy-unger/GMT + 2/Flash CS5.5
mintpaw/GMT-7/Flash CS5.5
tharosthedragon/GMT-8/Flash CS4
toast/GMT+9/Flash CS3 - Flash 8
blaker2000/GMT+2/Flash CS5
4urentertainment/GMT+2/Flash CS5
pikanjo/???/Flash CS5, CS3, Flex
turtleco/GMT -5/Flash 8
mattster/GMT -5/Flash CS5.5
nayhan/GMT +9/Flash CS5.5
venks/???/Flash Developer - Flixel
egg82/GMT-7/Flash CS6 - Flash Develop
indigenousdigitalist/GMT-4/Flash CS5
mr-shark/GMT-4/AS2 Flash 8
grent/GMT-6/Flash CS5.5
gimmick/GMT+5/Flash CS5.5
raidthewood/GMT-5/Flash CS5.5
archawn/GMT-5/Flash CS4
ab9003/GMT-4/Flash CS6
josilver/GMT +/- 4/Flash CS3- CS5.5
monoflauta/GMT -3/Flash CS3/CS4/CS5/CS5.5
glaiel-gamer/GMT-7/Flash CS5
spudzy/GMT-1/Flash 8
nolanlabs/GMT-5/AS2 with Flash 8-CS5.5 OR AS3-FlashDevelop
p4inkiller/GMT+1/AS3 Flash Builder-Flash Develop
wallross/GMT+10/Flash CS4
tenentenen/GMT-5/Flash CS5.5 AS3
molkmanFlash CS4/AS 2 & 3/ 6 years / EST +6
Mr-Johnson22/CS4, FlashDevelop, AS3/ EST


Crazy Rock GMT + 2, Flash 8/CS3 Photoshop CS4
Erasmus GMT, Flash CS5.5 Photoshop
Tyler GMT - 5, Flash CS3
Blounty GMT CS5.5
Aigis GMT + 12 Flash CS5, CS6
nathanielmilburn GMT -5, Flash After Effects Photoshop (CS6/5.5)
sandwich-eater GMT +12 Flash CS3
Goat-ManGMT - 6, Flash 8 CS3 CS4 CS5
3d-xelu GMT +2, Flash CS5.5
buzzwerd GMT - 7, Flash CS5.5
sirhenrystudios GMT - 4 Flash CS5 + Flash Develop
maxman43 GMT -5 Flash 8
cherry-cupid GMT - 5 Adobe CS4
Izzy-a GMT-5 Flash/Photoshop CS4

Flash Storm GMT - 4 Flash CS3
destructin GMT - 6 Flash CS3
Nicholas-Deary GMT + 1 Flash CS5
Captain-Carrion GMT - 5 Paint MS Paint Flash

shadowgamer2 GMT-5 Flash CS5
tyrstanr CAT + 2, Stencyl Photoshop
Rooster GMT - 5, Flash/Photoshop
Kashi GMT-4, Flash 8
Kembry GMT+3, Flash CS3

FlowersCheers GMT-8 Flash Photoshop Illustrator
Idiot-Monarch GMT+2, Flash CS4
MihaP GMT+1, Flash 8
Luis GMT-5, Flash CS4
Emrox GMT-5, Flash CS5.5

Akiimu GMT-7 Flash/Photoshop CS4
Gaycied GMT-4, Flash 8/CS5
MajusArts GMT+6 Flash/Photoshop CS5
TheTurboRage GMT?, Flash CS6
Icandraw GMT +3, Flash CS4
FsebastiamL GMT+1, Flash/Photoshop CS5
Iami2002 GMT-5, Flash/Photoshop CS3
Bobby64 GMT - 5, Flash CS3
omegafinal GMT-4, Flash CS5.5

LDAF GMT-7, Flash CS5
AustinBreed GMT-4, Flash 8
FrostDrive GMT - 6, Flash CS5.5

Decky GMT, Flash CS5 GIMP (Artist/Wildcard)
JonRichardson / GMT+1 / Flash, Photoshop
BilalZ (sorry!)

IllinFoAKillin / EST
JensBIg / EST +6
JoHobo2 / GMT
Shredator/GMT +2
OctoEntandre / GMT -5

Kurayami8 / GMT -3
XsakuX / GMT -3
Intero / GMT -2

Cahocachi / GMT -1
Adam-Beilgard / GMT-6
RampantMusik / GMT-5
Chando / GMT-5

Alexander / Central Time
CidiousClef / GMT-4
Kirbyfemur / GMT-7
Halcyonicfalconx / Central Time
RealFaction / EST

TroisNyxEtienne / GMT+1
Jernemies / GMT+3
Nimblekidx / EST
Samulis / GMT-5
houzatosis / UTC-6

Travis / EST / Art, Voice Actor
Flowers10 / GMT+2 / Digital Painter, Graphic Designer, Stripper
DeadEndWorldStudios / EST / Voice Actor

Viking-Dog / EST / Additional Art
MonathinReplis / EST / Writer, Actor
KaggyFilms / EST / Actor
Madvideogamer / EST / Writer
Larkatosa / GTM+2 / Artist
Hellz-Yeah / GMT-5 / Writer

JaxTDog / GMT-4 / Writer, Actor, Musician
ZaneZansorrow / UTC-5 / Background Artist
dangoval95 / UTC-8 / Animate, Write, Art
ReNaeNae / GMT-5 / Extra Art, Menus
ForNoReason / EST / Voice Actor, Writer
J-Rex / Somewhere / Writer, Voice Actor
Ryry67dude / GMT-4 / Musician
big-jonny-13 / GMT-5 / Voice Actor
RedHarvest / Central / Writer, Voice Actor, SFX, Art
Radioactive24 / GMT-5 / Writing, Art
blackmist75 GMT-5 Flash 8
Himynameisjacob / GMT-6 / Musician

Saminat / EST / Actor, Singer, Writer


June 10th Update:
Join some discussion!

During the last weekend of June

The Game Jam 7 will begin on Friday, June 29nd, and the games will have to be in by 11:59pm on Sunday, July 1st (Newgrounds Time, EST).

+ A Game Jam is a community project to rapidly create video game designs and inject new ideas into the industry. Starting on Friday, teams of four or more will have three days to finish a game under certain stipulations.

+ You can play all the games from Game Jam 6 here, with the community-voted theme hallucinations.

+ Calling all animators, programmers, writers, musicians, bards: anyone with an ounce of creative potential is welcome to compete!

+ Teams will be decided using a new method. Programmers who are signed up will get to pick from a pool of teammates a day before the jam begins.

+ Sign-ups will stop after Wednesday, the 27th. On Thursday, programmers will select their team picks from a pool of everyone who signed up by posting in a provided thread. Each programmer is allowed to pick 1 artist, 1 musician, and 1 wild-card. First come, first serve. After every programmer makes his first picks, there will be another round of picks, until every person who signed up has a spot.

+ To sign-up, fill out the proper form and post it in this newspost. Please choose the job that suites you best!

+ Programmers are capable of writing in Actionscript 2 or 3. (Actionscript libraries, like Flixel and FlashPunk are allowed, and so is Stencyl.) Programmers are usually the backbone of their teams, and since programmers will be making the team picks this Jam, if you're going to sign-up make sure you'll actually participate! (Also, because programmers are usually in high demand, if you can program you should sign up for that.)

+ Artists are capable of animating and/or drawing in Flash. Digital painters have also helped make some great graphics for their teams - just make sure you include what tool you're using on your form.

+ Musicians are capable of producing music and/or sound effects for their team's games. Sometimes, the music can make or break a game!

+ Wildcards are capable of using other talents to add some extra juice to a game. These people can be writers, voice actors, ect.

Job (artist/programmer/musician/wildcard) / Tools of Choice / Years of Experience / Timezone (GMT -+ ?)

+ Shhh... it's a secret.

+ Don't forget about juiciness!
+ Art, animation, and engines must be made from scratch over the week. Don't just copy the same engine/art from another game you've made!
+ Actionscript libraries, such as Flixel and FlashPunk, and Stencyl are OK!
+ Ads, Newgrounds API, and non-Newgrounds API are OK!
+ If you use Stencyl on your game, you could enter it in the Newgrounds 2012 Stencyl Jam!
+ If you have any opinions or feedback, feel free to drop me a PM.
+ Look for a screencap/update thread when jam time rolls around. It's really fun to see what everyone else is doing during the comp.

+ Check out all the games from the last six game jams.
+ Check out the Game Jam Survival Guide.
+ Game Jam post-mortem: what went right / what went wrong.

That's it, I'll be looking forward to jamming with you all!


I'd like to plug an interesting potential project that needs some funding via Kickstarter. It's called 26 Games 26 Weeks.

Fellow Newgrounder (and fellow Austin) Austin Henley is wanting to create a web community that works together to design games that he will ultimately build. You can read all about it here. He plans on working with the community to develop a game a week for 6 months.

Kickstarter: 26 Games 26 Weeks

Game Jam 6 Winners

2011-12-13 15:09:08 by AustinBreed

Play all the games here.

The Newgrounds Game Jam 6 occurred from Thursday, December 1st, to that Sunday night. Over the course of those four days, randomly placed teams were made to create a game based on the theme hallucinations.

I've brought in two guest judges (and myself) to help select the winners of this jam:

Christer "Breakdance McFunkypants" Kaitila
Game developer and author of Adobe Flash 11 Stage3D (Molehill) Game Programming. He is a frequent contributor to the renown Ludum Dare weekend game development competition, and is currently a writing a book over game jams called the Game Jam Survival Guide. He will be helping to cover the game design and scripting aspects of the games.

Robert Bryce Milburn
Bryce is a Unit Stills Photographer from Atlanta, Georgia. He has been a long-time contributor to Newgrounds, and in the past he has helped to judge Best Animation in the Newgrounds Awards. He is currently working on a Newgrounds photobook called Photogrounds. He will be helping to judge the graphical design of the games.

And I will be covering game concepts and interpretation of the theme. Let's go!


Love's Cadence
by RedHarvest, 4urentertainment, Intero and MihaP
Judges gave it: 4.33 / 5.00

A really beautiful composition. The main character is wonderfully constructed and animated. The world is lush and pretty. I got stuck a couple times and had to reload the page (eg. you can grow a plant that blocks you in a corner), and the movement seems a bit sluggish, but overall, a great effort! Very impressive for a mere 72 hours! 4/5

Robert Bryce Milburn
The menu / font is well done. Love the feel of it. The character and level design is very stylized. Fun game! 4/5

Austin Breed
The atmosphere was my favorite part, it was very well done for a weekend game. The two puzzles were a little nonsensical, and probably could have been further manipulated to foreshadow the ending. Other than that, I liked it! Also, the music was pretty great, props to Intero. 5/5


Trippin Kitchen
by Mattster, Mindchamber, Rampant Musik and redminus
Judges gave it: 3.33 / 5.00

The granny is fantastic. She looks really funny. The gameplay, although a bit repetitive and simplistic, is right on the money. The game could use some speeding up - in particular the intro video seems to go on too long, but overall, a really fantastic job. Well done! 3/5

Robert Bryce Milburn
The animation and style is very cute and fun. Good coloring and line work. Top notch. 4/5

Austin Breed
Although it was funny, I feel like this team took a shortcut when given such a broad theme: a tower defense game with characters that are a hallucination. It played really nice and it looked great, though! 3/5


Devlish Differences
by Ab9003, Captain-Carrion, Jonas and RealFaction
Judges gave it: 3.00 / 5.00

A very polished and playable entry. Everything in it seems near-perfect. To make this great game even more great, I would eliminate the use of the N word in the intro - I get that you're going for a 'period' look, but since it isn't funny you could make it just as good by replacing it with the words "- a servant!" or something. You just can't use that kind of word in this day and age. That said, the art is fabulous and it was fun to play. Keep up the awesome work! 4/5

Robert Bryce Milburn
The character design was decent but the overall design and layout was a little weak. 3/5

Austin Breed
I wasn't a huge fan of the art or the gameplay. However, it was a pretty unique interpretation of the theme. 2/5


by Wallross, Cope2k, Kirbyfemur and MarkP0rter
Judges gave it: 2.33 / 5.00

Haunting. Sad. Original. Great sounds. Wonderful art! The movement was frustrating, but the concept was interesting. Overall, a great job, especially considering how little time you had. I'm impressed! 3/5

Robert Bryce Milburn
The nazi level is well done but the "trippy level" after hitting the space bar looks like it was produced in 5 minutes. The graphics are decent and the font choice could have been more stylized. The character design of the character is a little generic but works. I like the main character and some of the other characters (enemies,etc..) but a few are lacking in creativity. 2/5

Austin Breed
If Team Nietzsche had found a better way to reflect on the main idea of this game in terms of gameplay, it would have been a huge success from my perspective. Escapism in harsh conditions is a great concept for a game, and an especially interesting interpretation of the hallucination theme. However, this concept must have been very hard to interpret into a game, and due to the time constraints we are left with a good idea tied to a sloppy product. To effectively make this game, this team would have had to think outside the box of traditional platformers and create something more innovative. I have no clue how I would have made this game, but there is a very good movie that explores extreme escapism in a similar condition with fantastic results. 2/5


I am Cube
by revolverroach, BlackMist75, IaMI2002 and SkyRiderX
Judges gave it: 2.33 / 5.00

Nice psychedelic art. I really like the gumbi-like stick figures. The animations are great too. The sound seemed a bit lacking, but overall this is a pretty amazing game for such a short amount of time to make it in. With a little more depth and polish this would be pretty fantastic. 3/5

Robert Bryce Milburn
Not bad. I enjoyed the colorful and simple design of this game. The style itself seems a bid copied. Seems like a combination of several other popular artists on Newgrounds in one game. The artist just needs to find his own style. 3/5

Austin Breed
I wasn't a fan of all the distracting colors on screen, but other than that this game looks pretty nice. The concept was pretty nonsensical, just hallucinating during class without any reason. Thank you for a quality button. 1/5


by 3D-xelu and Archawn
Judges gave it: 3.00 / 5.00

Nice looking limbo art, lovely smooth animations, cool fild grain. I wish I could move faster. I really like your "sight" concept. Like echo-location. Awesome!
I got an actionscript error:

Parameter hitTestObject must be non-null.
at flash.display::DisplayObject/_hitTest ()
at flash.display::DisplayObject/hitTestO bject()
at Game/update()

Aside from some polish and playtesting issues, this is a great-looking start for a game that could evolve into something really cool. Keep up the great work. 4/5

Robert Bryce Milburn
The feel and style was great. I loved the dark creepy feel it gave. 3/5

Austin Breed
Great work from a two-person team! I'll save them from the Limbo and Game Jam thread drama and just say that the game looked really nice, especially for a weekend game. I could barely run it on my computer and many of the challenges were difficult to maneuver around or understand, even when the frame rate was running steady. But based on concept alone, the interpretation of the theme was interesting and made for an inviting horror atmosphere, however I don't think very much of the experience was rememberable- except for those few parts where the glowy mimic performed some scare tactics. Also, the ambiance was very appropriate.2/5


This Game Makes Sense
by Manly-Chicken, Adidaas, bakeroflongo and ReNaeNae
Judges gave it: 2.33 / 5.00

Funny, original art. Super-trippy nyanolicious double zombie rainbow funk spectacular. Mega hard... but also mega hardcore. Too damn hard for an old guy like me... but somehow the difficulty is forgivable because the art makes you not take it too seriously. Awesome work. 5/5

Robert Bryce Milburn
The font was decent. The design work was weak. 1/5

Austin Breed
This Game Makes Sense has two dimensions: a basic run and jump platformer with design that ranges from frustrating to flat-out unimaginative and tripped-out level design that is partially randomly generated, with a variety of strange characters and backgrounds. If only the player could interact with these very interesting characters and backgrounds, this game would be great! Unfortunately, I find myself disappointingly running past these objects towards a door. The hallucination theme is expressed in some ways by objects that perform differently from how they are perceived (the spiked boxes and the rainbow cubes). The whole package, however, reflects on a team that purely just wanted to have fun with the project, and didn't take themselves too seriously in terms of concept. 1/5


~Strange Thoughts~
by TharosTheDragon, Rutger, FlashStorm and XsakuX
Judges gave it: 2.33 / 5.00

Simple. Great art! Trippy. Cute. A little bit sluggish. Overall, a very respectable game jam entry. My socks weren't knocked off, but you should still be proud to have finished anything at all in a mere 72 hours. Good job. 4/5

Robert Bryce Milburn
I really enjoyed the artwork by Rutger. The artist Storm needs to clean up / work on their linework more. Some of Storm's character seem as though they were thrown together quickly. I dont think the styles of these four artists mesh well together. The clean cut style of the backgrounds didn't really work well with Storm's style. 2/5

Austin Breed
I wasn't able to actually get very far while playing the game, I wish it was easier to control the character. I did play the the demo in the BBS thread, and the progression of the hallucination was really funny! It's too bad that most players won't be able to get that far. Overall, I feel like the game could have gone to greater lengths to tie the hallucinating with the gameplay. 1/5


Jesus is a Quadriplegic
by pillowsurfermikko and blaker2000
Judges gave it: 2.33 / 5.00

Really excellent sprites. Simple, but still pretty fun. Nice music, but we need some gore sounds! I loke the ultra violent projectiles and blood. Violent, angry fun. Good job! 3/5

Robert Bryce Milburn
Not bad. The characters are fun. The style is very similar to Dan Paladin's and Edmund McMillen's art. Not sure if they meet to mock their style for the sake of Newgrounds or if their style is just similar. 3/5

Austin Breed
This game is very silly and looks like a loose parody of the Binding of Isaac. I'm not sure why there is Dan Paladin artwork in the background, this game is very nonsensical and has very wobbly conceptional ties to the jam's theme. However, the submission's description describes this refugee team as "light-hearted" and encourage the player not to take the game too seriously.1/5


They're Chasing Me
by c0rupt3d, dj-Jo, and Xionico
Judges gave it: 3.0 / 5.00

I really like the intro and character art. I wish I didn't have to use the mouse AND keyboard together. Trip mode was a cool effect. The animations are cool. Overall, a very amazing job for a game made with a missing teammate. Well done! 4/5

Robert Bryce Milburn
The menu is fun. Colorful and creative. The game isnt bad, I just wish the animation style wasn't such a rip-off of Buzzwerd. Those kids need to find their own style. 3/5

Austin Breed
Apparently the programmer of this team dropped out when the Game Jam began, so the rest of the members were forced to bite the bullet and finish the game with the minimal scripting knowledge that they had. The final product is pretty solid considering the challenge they had. The art in this game seemed to be greatly influenced by illustrator Kevin Barrios; I wouldn't be surprised if the artists had lifted all the characters and designs directly from his work. Aside from that, this is a great accomplishment for the game's unfortunate circumstances. However, I don't feel like this interpretation of the Jam's theme was anything I haven't already played before. 2/5


So after playing all the games in the Newgrounds Game Jam 6, Christer, Bryce and I thought Love's Cadence was the best game. Congratulations!

If you are reading this newspost as a participate of the Game Jam, I urge you not to take many of these reviews to heart. It was extremely impressive that any of you created a finished game over the course of four days, and out of over twenty teams of four randomly placed members (with plenty of unforeseen complications, member dropouts, school finals, ect.), you were the ten who took the challenge and made a product. Great job!


Kurt Luther and his research group from Georgia Tech introduced a tool to assist collaboration called Pipeline. To promote beta testing for Pipeline, they agreed to give away $100 each to the three teams with the best games made using Pipeline! They announced the winners yesterday in this post. They were as follows:

1st place: Team KAFKA, with Love's Cadence (3.61)
2nd place: Team HEIDEGGER, with Trippin Kitchen (3.53)
3rd place: Team NIETZSCHE, with Devlish Differences (3.50)

Awesome! Pipeline is still looking for feedback, so check out that announcement link to help out. I haven't personally gotten the chance to use Pipeline yet, but I'm looking forward to using it in future projects!


Also, bcdefg123 took the time to review all the games in this competition, check it out!

Happy hallucinating!

Game Jam 6 Winners

Game Jam 6

2011-11-21 17:45:39 by AustinBreed

Here is a button you should include in your game! It will link back to a future collection page.

The Newgrounds Game Jam 6 has begun! Look here for the preloader in the next day or so.

I extended the Jam an extra day, because it was set to begin today but due to it being compressed back to a week, it would have ended on a Saturday night. The jams usually end on a Sunday night, so that's why I added the extra day. Hope it's not a big deal!!

Also, I tried really hard to fit as many people as I could in! One of the negative sides of having random teams is that there are only so many places for so many people. If you had less then a year of experience or didn't have any work in your NG profile, there was a greater chance that you wouldn't get a spot. Sorry!

Good luck everyone!


11/25/11 Update:
Jammers voted, the Jam will now take place over the first weekend of December.

It's time to vote on the theme. I compiled the most popular suggestions into a poll on the Facebook page. You have until the day of the Jam to vote on your favorite theme!

Also, the people currently signed up have been posted below.

11/23/10 Update:
A lot of people were wanting the Jam to go back to 72 hours, so I have a poll on the Facebook page to see if we should change it back to three days, instead of a week.

Here is an opinion for the change voiced by 4urentertainment:
Game jams are all about *rapidly prototyping*; trying out new ideas with little risk, not really about seeing who can make the best game. And the fact that all entries were done in a very limited deadline, with people you've never worked with before, it was all amazing. You should really reconsider making it 72 hours again if it's a popular vote.

For the first week of December.

The Newgrounds Game Jam 6 will begin Thursday, December 1st, and last a full week.

+ A Game Jam is a community project to rapidly create video game designs and inject new ideas into the industry. This time, teams of four or less will have a week to finish a game under certain stipulations.

+ You can play all the great games from the previous Game Jams here. Last time, in the NG Game Jam 5, developers of their choosing had a single weekend to develop a game based on literature.

+ Calling all animators, programmers, writers, musicians, bards: anyone with an ounce of creative potential is welcome to compete!

I received a lot of suggestions about the Game Jams after 5, so we're going to use a lot of things that people have wanted:

+ The jam will last a full week, this time. The theme will be announced on Thursday, December 1st, and games will be expected to be submitted before 11:59 pm on Wednesday. (We'll go by EST - Eastern Standard Time, but no one will be checking to see if you got it in a few minutes late.)

+ We're bringing back random teams. Sign-ups are below.

+ The theme is going to be suggested and voted on by the community. If you want to suggest a theme up until this Friday, November 25th, post on the NG Game Jam Facebook page. On Friday, a poll will go up on the page that will let everyone vote on which theme should be picked for the competition. (I wanted to use Google+, but this seemed like the easiest way.)

+ To join, you must fill out this short form and post it in this newspost. Each team will consist of two artists, one programmer, and a single wildcard. Please pick the one that suites you best, to make it easier to form teams. (Also, because programmers are usually in high demand, if you want to participate and think you could program, you should sign up for that.)

+ Artists are capable of animating and/or drawing in Flash. In the past, some artists have drawn things by hand and scanned them in to make awesome game graphics- just make sure you know what you're doing.

+ Programmers are capable of writing in Actionscript 2 or 3*. They are usually the backbone of the team and will need to be prompt and at least somewhat dedicated.

+ Wildcards are people who are skilled in things other than art, animation, and programming that will spice up the teams. These people can be musicians, writers, voice actors, ect. While it is hard to have a wildcard team member flesh out the game as much as his/her teammates, some of the best games I've seen in the jams had a voice actor or a musician that really added a lot of character to the experience.

Job (artist/programmer/wildcard) / Version of Flash / Years of Experience / Timezone (GMT -+ ?)

Here is mine, if I were to fill it out.

Programmer / Flash 8 / 6 years of experience / GMT -6

+ On the 1st of December, the random teams will be announced with the most popular theme, chosen by the community, and the competition will begin.

+ Art, animation, and engines must be made from scratch over the week. Don't just copy the same engine/art from another game you've made!
+ Actionscript libraries, such as Flixel and FlashPunk, are OK!
+ Ads, Newgrounds API, and non-Newgrounds API are OK!
+ If you don't have a musician in your team, use music from the audio portal!
+ Look for a screencap/update thread when jam time rolls around. It's really fun to see what everyone else is doing during the comp.

I'm really looking forward to jamming with you all!





J-Rex (Writer)
DahDoctow (Voice actor)
Ef-X (Musician)
big-jonny-13 (Voice actor)
Fro (Writer)
fede1920 (Additional animation)
Himynameisjacob (Voice actor)
uint (Musician)
F-777 (Musician)
ForNoReason (Voice actor)
ZStriefel (Musician)
LiquidOoze (Musician)
samulis (Musician)
SkyRiderX (Musician)
XsakuX (Musician)
LazyAss23 (Additional art)
Drony (Musician)
FourSwordsKing (Additional animation)
Intero (Composer)
piriqui (Voice actor)
Rig (Musician)
Travis (Voice actor)
Kirbyfemur (Musician)
Kamikaye (Additional art)
Adam-Beilgard (Musician)
Whothefrack (Additional art)
SineRider (Musician)
dj-Jo (Musician)
RealFaction (Musician)
cahocachi (Musician)
cahocachi (???)
bakeroflongo (Musician)
GundayMatt (Musician)
RampantMusik (Musician)
Chando (Musician)
DeadEndWorldStudios (Voice actor)

Game Jam 6

Animal Puncher

2011-11-03 16:46:25 by AustinBreed

Thank you, Newgrounds, for playing Animal Puncher!

There should be some medals soon. Also, I'm trying to organize a Game Jam at the end of November.


edit: Also, there is a Facebook page for the Game Jams. I was going to use it to vote on the themes, if people seem to be OK with it.

Animal Puncher

Hey Newgrounds! I'm looking for some good theme suggestions for the next Newgrounds Game Jam. Post your ideas in this newspost! Try to think as out of the box and be as innovative as possible, the Game Jams are a way for people to think differently about the way that they work and inject new ideas into the developing scene.

(Note: no seasons.)

Here is the commentary on all of the games that were developed during Game Jam 5:

Divine Comedy: The Game
Team Honey Badger
The introduction of the game describes Dante's descend into Hell as an initiative to change his ways, but within the circles of the inferno I was more confused than frightened by sloppy hittests and walls that sometimes granted passage.

Ender's Game:Battle Games
This game was very frustrating. I would have wished for an option to play as fewer soldiers, as it is too hard to control all of those people with just two hands. But props for creative innovation, a simpler way of executing this would to have been to keep one set of static controls and let the player switch between soldiers with another button.

Mikey S. & Manuel Z.
A late submission to the Jam, this team interpreted the Star Wars books as a horizontal shooter called Aristocratic! It lost points from me for being a lazy adaption, stating in the menu that the creators were fans of the movies and decided to make a game that appeared to be a Star Wars ship battle. The game itself isn't bad for a vertical shooter, a little too difficult, maybe.

GoBots: The Game
Team Nolax
I liked the look of this game and the music was appropriate. The only real complaint I have is that the characters should have been smaller, and the game canvas larger, to accommodate for the transforming robots.

Everyone Poops: The Game
Team Whipped Creamatory
Everyone Poops: The Game is actually pretty fun, despite being an unoriginal adaption. The player is launched into the air with poop and is made to fight birds and toilet bosses. The music didn't go along with the game very well and I often played with my speakers muted. I would have wished for one set of levels that progressively got harder, because the six difficulty settings did little to add to replay value. My neighbors, on the other hand, thought the game was really funny and played it for a long while.

Moby Dick:Ahab's Struggle
Tyler, VicBiss & Suezo
One of my favorites from Jam 5. Although the game itself is nothing I haven't seen before, it played well, looked well, and it had a lot of personality. In regards to game design, Ahab really needed a jump that landed him faster and allowed him some sort of air attack.

Charlie Chocolate Factory
Team ChocoCharlie
Without an objective, Team ChocoCharlie produced a adaption of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that aims to stimulate the fun of create your own unique candies. Perhaps within a factory that didn't require you to walk two areas away with the arrow keys to collect candies from a shelf with your mouse, this game would have succeeded in the game play department. The graphics were fun but that grain overlay needed to be tuned down majorly, it looked horrid.

4urentertainment, Nayhan, Idiot-Monarch & Jkamovies
If this game had been finished it probably would have placed in the top 3 games. I might think this because I have a soft spot for Kurt Vonnegut, but the production really was a unique game adaptation that brought this sad Billy Pilgrim character to life. The authors really appeared to understand the work. To this team: please finish the game!

Nemo's Run
Team Ugly Penguin
This adaption of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is a horizontal shooter that takes place under water. The graphics look decent and the game plays well but I didn't find myself coming back after a few plays.

The Big Bad Wolf
Team 3 Cats With Hats
This game needed a few things to live up to the Angry Birds genre: a restart button, a view mode, flash cookies, graphics that aren't overlayed by a very distracting texture. I think it would have won more originality points with a wolf that blew wind instead a cannon. Occasionally the game would keep the level failed screen in the background, which was pretty annoying. (A note to the developers: I think you forgot to embed the ammo price text into the game, the text does not display properly.) I did like how the game offered different types of ammo you could purchase, and it did play pretty well for a three day game. Plus, the three cats logo is awesome.

The Three Bears
Team Covered in Giant Hornets
This game was designed well, played well, and it was funny! It placed third in the competition, despite being based off a cliche fairy tale. In this adaption of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, you must run the little girl through the house of bears, snarf down all the porridge and proceed to break their furniture. It's actually difficult enough to want to play more than once but not impossible to beat.

Second Star to the Right
Skeik-Sprite, The-Phantasmic-Dead, & Alyssa Baker
What made this team's Peter Pan adaption really stand out was the fantastic animation and art by The-Phantasmic-Dead and Alyssa Baker. While it wasn't the only horizontal shooter to enter the Jam, the progression of enemies and environment kept the game fresh. However, I had some trouble running it the second or third time on my crappy pc, so a quality button would have been appreciated.

rUPunzel had a lot of good humor going for it, and it really is worth finishing to the end. While it looked nice and had no issues in terms of game play, it didn't have any compelling features that made it rememberable, except for a good level of polish.

Myth Runner
Team Bieber Invaders
With the chosen theme, I had to expect to see something like Everybody Poops: The Game. I did not expect to see this, however. One of first finished games in the Jam, Myth Runner is a mash-up of Harry Potter, Twilight and Jaws. Instead creating an accurate adaption of any of those titles, Team Bieber Invaders produced a Canabalt style game in which a power-up related to each of the books becomes available to travel faster, fly, and eat people. Despite being one of the higher scoring games, the lack of innovation in Myth Runner was hard to ignore.

The Outsider
Team New World Order
In regards to games in this competition creating the most accurate adaptions possible, the trio of Team New World Order takes the cake. The Outsider is a point and click adventure game with very detailed illustrations. You can tell that the authors really understood the work and took the time to bring this HP Lovecraft setting to life.

Robinson Crusoe: The Game
Team Happy Shack
The same team that developed Cripple Cannon in Game Jam 4 has pulled through again, this time taking 1st place. This game adaption of Robinson Crusoe leaves you stranded on an island to prepare for the fast approaching cannibals. While the difficulty here might have been too high for most players, the quality of the graphics and the gameplay is up to par with games that have taken weeks to complete. Even if survival games aren't your cup of tea, the intro animation is worth watching regardless.

Thanks for all the great games, I'll hopefully hear from you all next month!

The winners for Game Jam 5 were announce on Tom's newspost! If you haven't played all the games yet, they are all located here. Developers had one weekend to produce a game based off of literature and the results were pretty good!

I will eventually get around to saying a little something about each game, but I really need to use this newspost to plug a REALLY COOL project I've been involved in! I have helped provide some poster artwork for a short film called Hipster Holocaust, co-written by Jon D.A. and Ian Shorr, and about to be directed by Scott Brown.

With still 6 days to go, they have met their $3,000 goal on Kickstarter. BUT if you still want to donate, you can get some awesome awards, including a custom portrait being killed as a hipster, by me!

So check out their Kickstarter page, here!

Also, I drew a comic for Lodacal Comix Issue 2! The zine is pretty awesome, so you should buy one!

Sorry about not having much to say about the Game Jam 5 at the moment, but I will soon!

Hipster Holocaust / Game Jam 5

Game Jam 5 for June

2011-06-01 20:55:56 by AustinBreed

Game Jam has begun! Anyone can join for the weekend and get started!


For the Month of June.

The Newgrounds Game Jam 5 will be this month on Friday the 17th to Sunday night, the 19th.

+ A Game Jam is a community project to rapidly create video game designs and inject new ideas into the industry. As usual, teams of four or less will have three days to finish a game under certain stipulations.

+ You can play all the great games from the Game Jam 4 here, where Teams were made to create games that followed a certain handicap.

+ In the morning of Friday, the 17th, a theme will be announced and teams of any number will have the weekend to produce a Flash game and submit it to the portal.

+ Programmers, animators, artists, voice actors, musicians, writers, bards, and anyone with an ounce of creative potential!

+ We are doing away with sign-ups this time. Over the weekend of the Jam, anyone can work with anybody and drop in and out of the competition.

+ If you want help looking for a team, check out this Looking For Group thread on the BBS!

+ Shhh, it's a secret! You know, I'm always really picky with myself when I try to come up with potential Game Jam themes- you might say that it makes me My Worst Enemy.

+ Art, animation, and engines must be made from scratch over the weekend. Don't just copy the same engine/art from another game you've made!
+ Actionscript libraries, such as Flixel and FlashPunk, are OK!
+ Ads, Newgrounds API, and non-Newgrounds API are OK!
+ If you don't have a musician in your team, use music from the audio portal!
+ Look for a screencap/update thread when jam time rolls around.

Have a great June, and look forward to the 17th!